Social Sciences developed as a complete discipline after the societal concept of humanity came into existence. There appeared a need to study human nature and the interaction of human beings as a society. The main subjects of social science are History, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Linguistics etc. Social sciences attempt to discover some of the basic questions concerned with human society and its interaction. These courses are very popular among students all over the world. The courses may develop a new society in which humans are more tolerant to each other and perhaps the coming life on this earth will be more beautiful without any hatred and conflicts.

Most Popular Social Science Colleges and Universities:

There are many social science colleges and universities in Australia which cater to the needs of social science aspirants. But not all universities are offering quality and courses at international level. The top ten social science colleges and universities are as follows:

  • University of New England: This is the top ranking University in Australia to study Social Sciences courses. The main topics which are offered here are: Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, History, Linguistics and Literature. Students are recruited on campus. They are among the highest paid social scientists in the world.
  • Charles Sturt University: This is the second ranking university in Australia for social sciences. The humanities, social science and communication programs offered here are among the most preferred courses in the world. Students are offered best salary packages across the world.
  • Australian National University: The College of Arts and Social Sciences at this university tops the subject ranking in 2017. It has highest number of students and also the salary packages are quite large.
  • Monash University: It has more than 17000 students with a satisfaction level of 87%. It offers all social sciences courses like History, Political Science, Anthropology etc.
  • University of Melbourne: The University has a satisfaction percentage of 88% among its more than 11000 students. Ranked at number five, it is also known for its reputed faculty.
  • Deakin University: It offers all social science courses. It has about 13000 students and a satisfaction percentage of 88%.
  • Macquarie University: The University is one of the largest universities in Australia having about 19000 plus students. It has a satisfaction percentage of 87% among the students. It offers variety of courses and programs related to social sciences.
  • Griffith University: Having more than 10000 students and a satisfaction percentage of 90%, the University has a lot of choice in offering the social science courses.
  • University of Queensland: The University offers a wide variety of courses. It has more than 12000 students with a satisfaction percentage of 86%.
  • University of Southern Queensland: It has less students but the average salary is more than $50,000. It has a satisfaction percentage of about 90%.

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Problems Faced by Social Science Students on Programs Offered:

Social science students face many types of problems during their course study. They may not fully understand the nature of the course as the teachers may not fully able to make them understand the essence of the subject. Moreover, the major subjects in social science have an interdisciplinary approach. They may not be taken individually, so the student has to have knowledge of all the disciplines. Some of the disciplines are related to each other but only sparsely. Their direct relation may not be understood by the student. For example, philosophy and economics both are social sciences but are not directly related to each other. Philosophy, on one hand, refers to the study of some of the fundamental questions about God, life, nature, human beings etc whereas Economics refers to the financial activities going on among the humans. So, a student feels confused to strike a balance between these types of distantly related subjects. There are tight deadlines and demand of high-quality style of social science assignment writing service.

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