Assignment 2: Case Study


You have a decent image as a successful authoritative behavior practitioner. Due to this, the editor of a well-known Business Magazine has requested you to write an article about organizational change for their upcoming special topic edition.

Your Task:

You are supposed to write a magazine article based on the given points and link it to organizational behavior theory and research by using APA reference style.

Depict an organization of your choice along with the changes they have actualized and asses the conclusion of these changes. Your assessment should include the implications of actualized changes on individuals, organizations and relevant organizations elements such as authority, leadership, power, control, culture, and interpersonal connections and morals.

You should also deeply investigate and give a proper discussion about gathering information and evidence of various psychological and behavioral techniques the selected organization used to affect and control working environment and propose whether it is proper or alternative techniques may have been more qualified. Make sure to link your proposals with relevant theory and research.

Your article must include a proper introduction, fundamental body, discussion and conclusion section and a list of reference (APA style). You are permitted to write the maximum of 1500 words +/ – 10%.

Case Study (The Magazine Article):


Change is unavoidable. It is the main consistent thing on the planet. Many driving forces pressurize the business to present changes even if they don’t wish. At some point, change is the need of time. Innovation is an aspect of having a huge impact on the change. It brings the simplicity of doing business working environment giving extraordinary results. Endless consumer satisfaction, loyalty, hyper economic situations, government changes, business strategies, financial log jam, overall revenues, market share, etc. also force business owners to adopt the change. In reality, change management is an endless process. This is because it has pre-impact, amid and post progress cycle. For instance; to Takeover or Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) of a business organization takes several months to plan, present, execute and analyses the end-to-end change management cycle. Once more, it is important to remember to never compromised with organizational concepts like core value, culture, employee engagement, job satisfaction, transparency and ability administration.

Main Body:

XYZ Global Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a mediator serving companies dealing in insurance, finance, airline, and payroll industry. Tim Cook the new face of the company and CEO, put resources to find out the most cost-effective policies to work upon. He gives importance to every manager in the company thus, called everyone for the formal get together to discuss his agenda. The CEO is effective in persuading managers and asks them to come up with different kaizen’ projects.

Robert D’Souza, the senior manager of the company, come up with the project on ‘Squander Management‘ alongside three colleagues who were the originators of the required information. The organization has more than 300 representatives. If every employee utilizes four paper containers in a single day. 1200*24 working days = 28, 800 paper cups within a month is utilized. The total cost organization spends on these cups are around US$1861.53.

The suggested project was initiated to safe the year cost on the paper cups in the long-term. Apart from this, most of employees used to waste their productive time by going to the break area numerous times just to fill, empty and crush their paper cups.

The project representative recommended ceasing arrangement of paper containers and instead if this assigning a mug (medium size) alongside a carafe to each individual. Both things will contain an organization’s logo, name, assigned employee’s name and number. Plus, after getting the mug and carafe employees will be permitted to carry their drinks to their work areas their cups and carafe are completely secured with the cover. Robert D’Souza along with their co-workers/team members prepared and submit the proper presentation in front of the senior management of the company. The CEO of the company really appreciated their efforts and asked to set up an arrangement (costs for espresso mugs and carafes, the rundown of employees, total cost to be saved, etc.) and declared that this policy will be applied from the first day of the next month.

The representatives of each team were informed about the upcoming change that will take place from next month onwards. It is common that progressions accompany obstruction at first. Employees were properly trained on “Emotional Intelligence Theory” by Daniel Goleman. The CEO had already spread some time to educated them about the major concepts of the change like cost-effectiveness, provision of effectiveness, Go Green, i.e. conveyance of espresso mugs, carafes for each employee with their respective names. Furthermore, espresso, green tea, lemonade and soda drinks could be carried out to the work-stations barring eatables. Through this project, time, energy and money which could be used later for other productive activities. Here, the leaders of the company took the guidance from “Theories of Personality” as they divided their employees under two personality naming them Group I and Group II. Group I represents flexibility, open-mildness ability to work and development whereas Group II stands indicate relax approach, working with comfort, working yet not giving ‘the best‘ commitment, making and accepting decisions around. The leaders identified Group II and dealt with them separately accentuating win-win circumstances.

After minimizing the employee resistance, organization CEO called up for a meeting of all the departments. He gave them the agenda and stream of activity. In this situation, Robert D’Souza who suggested this in front of management will be the head of the project and his fellow teammates would contribute to all Head of Departments. On the other hand, the officials would be in charge of the purchasing and coordinating with mugs and carafes producers and get back with the most moderate cost. The finance department was informed to be prepared to look after the monetary transactions. The distribution day was fixed and words were spread to staff individuals.


The centered qualities like equality, trustworthiness, integrity, innovativeness, creativity, leadership, positive performance are drilled in the above situation. People are taken in confidence. They feel that their thoughts are esteemed and implemented by senior management. They are given credit for their efforts and ideas. The leaders go for the personality theory to enhance the motivation in employees. They study, examine and prepare plans from third-perspective. It has be witnessed when individuals are associated with the decision-making process they start contributing more as they feel satisfied. One can truly appreciate the synergy of the diverse workforce. The pioneers got another responsibility to control bits of rumors in a convenient manner. Due to this situation, organization will take change management as an invitation rather than a challenge they need to tackle. The change helped to avoid long breaks, wandering around in the free area, relaxing through casual team gatherings, etc. Maslow’s “Theory of Hierarchy of Needs” help management to find out the various effects of organizational behavior in the working environment. Individuals like Robert D’Souza was recognized and remunerated as well. Due to this, other employees have started taking initiatives moving forward to start contributing into the process and departments. Innovative leadership becomes fruitful as planning and execution of change management model implemented in the work environment with incredible individual acknowledgment and less resistance.

Organization behavior become more centered on the knowledge in the respect of individuals, groups and lastly, how do they make an impact on the organization structure. These variables impacts the workplace of an organization, its productivity and profit ratio. The marketing philosophy also play a vital role in the business management. Identically, major elements like leadership, authority, employee management, ability to learn something new is important to make the business “the Center of Excellence’.

Organization managers required to come up with a systematic approach. In general, this is the transformational stage for all individuals including shareholders. A systematic approach can be developed by analyzing, anticipating, finding more between lines, asking and detecting. Plus, it is suggested that they should focus on the principle of ‘What Is in It for Me? (WHIMF)’ thinking about targeted stakeholders. This procedure will assist them to handle possible obstacle which may arise during the implementation of the process. Here, it is considered to go along with preventive action rather than using a remedial one. The organization must deal with streamlining frameworks and processes takes place periodically as market, business and lastly technology is continuously changing. XYZ Solution began focusing on employee engagement, job-satisfaction, etc.

The success and failure are like two sides of a coin. In the organization, both relied upon the support and leadership involvement. It can be estimated on the basis of both challenges and opportunities. The change management process specified in the case of XYZ Solution Pvt. Ltd had several difficulties to defeat. In the meantime, they were concentrated on exhibiting possible opportunities in the future for employees after implementation of suggested changes in the work environment. They witnessed elements affecting the behavior of staff and acted accordingly. Again, they were stressing over improvement by limiting and tracking their break timing. Moreover, the cost incurred for espresso mugs and carafes are in reality one-time investment with long-term returns and linked with the brand management of the organization. It will help to spare lots of time and costs in term of waste management of paper cups. Relational skills will strengthen the relationship between employees and the management. Due to this people will not hesitate to come forward with their innovative ideas and concepts.

It is equally important to figure out how to adapt to the change without stressing over the cycle of change. If the senior management starts developing the plan as figuring out what actually motivate the employees then it would be lot easier for the senior management to plan and execute it. The workforce will undoubtedly have lots of stress as they will be moving from their safe zone to an uncomfortable one. The plant relocation of automobile companies and production industries are the best example. Prizes are challenging the possible growth of organization and individuals coined with steadiness will assist them to find out what exactly your business requires. The understanding of social psychology is important for leaders and managers of different departments. It analyses various communication patterns, self-intrigue and the sense of understanding, behavior and group dynamics. Thus, critical thinking aptitudes, analytical mindset, out of the box thinking, conflict-resolution ability, coordination, effective use of technology and end-to-end change process information will carry a ton of weight in the organizational behavior.

In some cases, the leaders could not decide whether they need to clear in their arranging? In simple words they are not sure what extent of the exercise of change management would be effective. They accept it as a responsibility or burden as they would called it on their shoulders gave them by the senior management for which they do not have no choice than to take it forward. To avoid the problem quandary circumstance, they need to work on the main aspects which are volatility, Complexity, Ambiguity and uncertainty. On the basis of these four aspects, both individual and group behavior can be judged. If they follow the process properly, at the end of the day they will be fully confident about their taken decision as it will give positive result and people will accept it. It is stated, “We should acknowledge and act on the change or else, we will perish”.


The abive input data sources were incorporated in the advance planning and implementation of change management. Because, in the end success and failure of introduced change depend on the team who are the part of this. The organization culture, core values, center qualities, philosophy, leadership support, self and group interest, attitude define the organizational behavior and dynamics. There are a few elements which influence the workforce. Coordination, observation, transparency, and trust can convert the workplace into ‘the best place to work’ just like XYZ Solutions Pvt.Ltd. Both employers and employees will come together to become a part of sustainable development.


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