In the education industry, AI-enabled technology has made its advancement by introducing various tools with Artificial Intelligence technology. In such cases, for teaching autistic children, the concept of artificial intelligence has come up with the Robotic Tutor that helps in teaching sign language to the autistic children. Thus the robotic tool has some interesting feature that allows the autistic children to understand the sign language. Therefore a robot named InMoov has been introduced with the concept of teaching sign language to children with autism. The writers of BookMyEssay are qualified enough to deliver the quality Robotics Assignment Help.

Participation Of InMoov In Teaching Sign Language

Previously, the robot InMoov had been built at Futurice. After its introduction in the market, the Shakuntala District hospital expressed their interest in using the robot to teach the assistive sign language to autistic children. Generally, as per the nature of the disease, autistic children usually face some communication challenges and difficulties with having a 50% chance of never learning to speak. Those children who have autism, who cannot speak well, can use the sign language to be communicative and express their feelings.

Previously, the robots were used in communication therapy with autistic children. While continuing this therapy, it has been seen that the autistic children become more engaged in this therapy for including the robotic or technological components. The initial design of the InMoov robot needs to be modified for teaching sign language to children with autism. Therefore, for the modification of the InMoov robot’s design, two experts from the Shakuntala District hospital, i.e., a speech therapist and a neuropsychologist, gave their expert opinions on the decisions of design. Through the contents of the robotics assignment help, the students can get an explicit knowledge about the applications of artificial intelligence.

Modified Design Of The Robot

For designing the robot, the expert has developed a framework for the designing process of social robots. According to the updated knowledge in this field, no such frameworks existed in the industry before this. The InMoov robot is the first example of a robotic tutor successfully used to teach sign language to the autistic children. The robot was designed and modified based on the guidelines of 5 defined designs. Thus for testing the resulting design, an experiment has been organized with ten autistic children in collaboration with the Shakuntala District hospital. In the experiment, it has been found that the robot interacted with the child in the presence of the speech therapist, and even the child had a companion with them. Our company’s writers provide the service of assignment essay help to the student’s at the most reasonable price.

The Consequence Of The Experiment

Considering the practical result of the experimented project, it was to prove that rapid prototyping can bring high-end technology to those who can extract the benefit from it the most. As the outcome, the children’s parents felt that it was highly crucial that this type of research is being done. As per the theoretical result of this project, it is the design framework for social robots along with the guidelines for five designs for the design of robots for autistic children.

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