PHP is recognized as a server-side scripting language which is extensively used to develop applications. This language derives its syntax from C, Java, and Perl and is categorized as a simple and compatible language that goes well with all servers namely Apache, IIS among others. Available as a free download, this language helps in the creation of dynamic content in varied databases namely MySQL, Generic ODBC, Oracle, etc.

PHP code starts and ends with a processing instruction, and its execution is performed on the server, as a result generating HTML which is then forwarded to the clients.It supports C language and Perl features featuring the structure of variable variables. This is widely applied in altering the name of a variable and is able to predefine error reporting constants. Also, users deploy it to generate warning or error signs. This application is capable to perform single inheritance mechanism and renders extensive supports to overloading concepts in internal operator. This open source finds application in varied business applications, for the purpose of creating forms, or to design in e–commerce and e–business applications.

The student needs to know about PHP:

Students with a computer science background are given assignments on PHP wherein they study its functioning and applicability in supportingalmost every web browser and database. It is quite popular for decreasing a program’s loading time due to its own memory space operation.

Favoring internet protocols namely POP3 and IMAP, PHP facilitates the access and set cookies variables. It also deploys templates that promoteeasy maintenance along with offering strong connection with database. Using this, users gain better and faster access to data from web browsers. Many developers use this software to create discussion forum and email programs since it works in harmony with HTML and XML programs.

Students engaged in learning programming using PHP are advised to start with basic concepts such as creating a Contact form using PHP. This can be done by locating multiple forms that are present on a site. Next concept entails learning the mail sending system in which PHP facilitates the creation of backend mail delivery system. Once students gain familiarity with main sending system, they need to validate user credentials which are already stored in the database. Lastly another crucial concept for learners is to know PHP Exception Handling which is similar to error handling in programming frameworks including Ruby, C#, and Python.

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