U.S or United States is world’s second largest democracy and the most powerful country on the planet in military, political, and economical terms. Not all the American people completely know about their nation’s political system.

Political system is a set of social institutions that are implemented among the citizens by the government of that country. These systems that changes over the passage of time have numbers of functions to perform such as creating the useful resources for education, human welfare, foreign and industry policy. There are many factors that help to understand why and how the American political system change such as economy of the nation, development, and government upheaval. Among all these, social economy of the country is the main factor that leads to change in the political system.

According to the linearity theory, economic developments lead to the improved urbanization which ultimately improves the communication structure resulting to the high level of education. And this entire cycle of development and advancement results in democracy.

Economic problems have made the American people understand what a recession is. The economic difficulties have resulted in the loss of large numbers of jobs and businesses in fact many of the people are losing the shelter from their head by losing their luxurious and essential things needed for comfortable and happier life such as homes, cars, and other valuable assets.

Historical Background of American Politics

To better understand the current political system, it is beneficial to first know about the history of the country.

  • The country had just fought and won the bloody war of independence from Britain. It was determined to form the political system completely different from the British monarchial system.
  • The president elections were placed in the hands of an electoral college instead of direct election.
  • The country was the formation of 13 individual states. Each of them have different population counting, and valued unique tradition and power.

History of the American Politics Development

During the 1790s, the dignified and mature way which the America represents itself, and its connectivity with King George III (tyrannical leader) shaped the American politics and made others understand the role of America in the world events. US become an organized country in 1783 with the peace of Paris. The newly formed country needs a government system. Articles of confederation were created as a sort of outline for the new government. The state establishes the connectivity of friendship with each other instead of becoming a union.

Progress of Role of the Media in American Politics for the Last Few Years

The development of new technologies and inclusion of latest news and information in the media coverage has led to several changes in the role of media played in the American politics. Everyone knows that the main focus of the media is on covering and presenting what the public is interested to learn. They always cover those things that provide them more publicity and general public trust.

The information that is generally included in the coverage is what the political leaders are saying or planning including both good and bad things. But in the current days, the things get changed a little bit. The advanced technologies have made the media to make a control over various things. They make the several editing on what is covered in the camera by cutting the many sections when interviewing the associated politician in order to include the things that may affects a specific political leader and his followers.

People are invited on the speaking or interviewing programs to talk about the various topics related to their political life but they are not allowed to tell much. In case, they speak something that is of no use for the media and gain the public attention, they just simply cut that part from the recording making the news noticeable and interesting for the audience. As compared to the media of previous 50 years, the things have changed a lot. They have more power by managing what people may see and what to present them.

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