The following report is based on the basic information of how structured sales approach plays a crucial role in cementing a firm in a new and unexploited market.

The proper understanding of the market environment is important to prepare an effective sales plan based on the future goals and needs of the client.

The report exhibits the importance of personal selling to organizational performance and applications, principles and practices of personal selling used by a large-scale organization to develop and maintain a long-term relationship with customers.

About Relex Solutions

What Relex Does for Its Potential Customers?

Relex Solutions is a competitive Europe based supply Chain Company dedicated to helping retail businesses to improve their competitiveness in the market, the company serves in more than 17 countries across the globe, providing the best solutions for wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers.  Known for optimizing supply chains of its respective clients by using their top-notch services like demand forecasting, inventory planning, automatic replenishment, promotion and markdown optimization, retail & supply chain analytics that helps to reduce the overall cost and increase the sales by boosting on the shelf availability of products and reducing depreciation cost by scaling down spoilage of products.

The company also provide other solutions like allocation and in-season management, assortment management and micro space planning most of which are linked with their core of the business, i.e. supply chain management and designed to help clients to develop an effective marketing strategy to increase their market sales.

The Competitive Advantage of Working with Relex

The competitive advantage of Relex lies in its advanced forecasting and replenishment merged with proper use and implementation.

The advanced features that give a competitive edge to this Europe based supply chain management over others are:

  • Use of software as a service (SaaS) business models which eliminate the need to invest in the license and upfront in hardware. Instead, they provide a success-department agreement that comes with a foreseeable cost that helps clients to scale back their operational cost and get efficiency and quick return on investment within a short period of time.
  • In-memory computing (IMC)  powered chain management can actually perform calculation 5 times faster than any other known SCM systems.

For example; RELEX can perform demand forecasting of 1000 stores and 1, 00,000 SKUs for upcoming two years in less than 50 minutes (approx.). In addition, all collected data stay remains in the memory of the system for the later use.

  • User-friendly interface allows customers to make all necessary day to day changes in their SCM solution without any technical coding support. They can modify user interference and business logic to keep a fair track of their supplies by identifying vital external events such as weather, trends, seasonal changes and advertisement.
  • The regular research and pilot practice, RELEX operate within the market helps clients to closely understand whether the global and local market needs to adopt the required changes.

Our Role in Relex

The Role of Sales in a Business Organization

The sales is the fundamental aspect of any successful business organization. It serves as a bridge to reduce the gap between customers with specific needs and products/services an organization offer to cater that needs. Without an organized sales department companies struggle to survive in the market.

When it comes to Relex, the company provide a wide range of high-quality intangible products requires to maintain a balance between development and sales. The company pay a closer attention to persuasive efforts and communication with the prospects to maintain a valuable long-term relationship, helping them to understand the importance of supply chain management to attain business efficiencies. The experienced sales team at RELEX plays a very important role in this process. Their front line of B2B segment use techniques that are developed after years of experience and practices to deal with the clients. They pay closer attention to individual customer to understand their needs and goals to deliver the most suitable solution within a decent price range.

Also, in some situations when a company is planning to enter into the new market, where awareness about their brand is equal to zero, requires the best sales force who help them to create awareness and build trust about the company and its brand among the potential customers. They manage the multiple delivery options within a single pool for maximum efficiency.

How Customers can Benefit from Relex

Every business organization despite size need skilled sales experts who are creative in nature, have the proper knowledge and necessary skills to generate sales leads for their business and give proper value to individual customers and clients who are helping their business to grow.

Owning the required knowledge, set of skills and better knowledge of New Zealand market, its native language, culture, political and business system and top of all the closer interaction with the targeted customers of the geographical location makes the RELEX one of the well-known brand in the country.

Market Analysis of Relex

Top Markets

The Relex has made a strong presence in all of the above markets in New Zealand. A well-managed SCM is the only way to get success in the E-commerce and Omni-channel retailing, top markets that could show potential growth to the business. As more and more businesses are moving toward the online channels to explore the mode of selling which will not only increase the demand for the automatic replenishment service but as well as other effective management solutions provided by Relex.

New Markets to Explore within the Country

The healthcare industry is the next possible market in New Zealand that could be explored by Relex in future. With the arrival of advanced and more complex production methods, companies are briskly expanding their portfolio. During such a situation, the need for new and effective healthcare supply chain arises.

According to McKinsey’s published report, in-hospital unfavorable drug events occur at the rate of 10% from which third-quarter are preventable with help of proper inventory management. With supply chain management total expenses estimated to be more than 40% of medical devices cost and 25% of pharma cost. In short, the overall spending is very big. Thus, joining hands with the top supply chain management company would be a profitable deal for all.


Lead Table

  1. The customer is working in the market where competition is high and rapidly increasing with each passing day, more competition means, the customer will look forward to adopting new technologies to gain the advantage.
  2. Both size and product portfolio of the firm matters the most, as mid-sized firms are willing to achieve big goals, will possibly experiment with various styles.
  3. Most of the companies are using traditional SCM methods that lack the potential to deliver desired results thus, they are looking for other cost-effective methods to not only manage but also improve their existing supply chains.
  4. In-depth knowledge of the firm, its size and future goals and objectives will help in finalizing the best available prospect.

Sales Pipeline

*Outline of the potential customer

  1. Looks really professionalized
  2. Looks lowly professionalized
  3. Are open to the new supplier and possible solutions
  4. Are aware of the market and alternative solutions
  5. Llooks conservative
  6. Value sensitiveness
  7. Pay attention to payment conditions
  8. Appears to be quality-sensitive
  9. Looks for on-time delivery

Hot prospects:
From all of the above prospects, the Relex has chosen top three prospects, which are:

  1. The Woolworths Ltd.: A public listed major Australian company covering the huge part of retailing sector in the country. The company is the 19th largest retailer in the world and 2nd largest in Australia by revenue serving in various segments like liquor, food, petrol, hospitality group and leisure, this indicates that company do not hesitate to step forward and add new things in the account and would definitely pay attention to the services provided by Relex.
  2. The Warehouse Ltd.: With the continuous growth of the e-commerce market, the future of this public listed company is so bright. Being the largest retail group, the company serves in more than 240+ retail location. With a product portfolio which contains almost everything from apparel, home décor, furniture, electronics, personal care to kids items. This company would be the best prospect for the Relex as they need a strong supply chain management to manage their inventory stock to reduce the operating cost.
  3. PaknSave: A well-known warehouse chains dedicated to providing everyday food and groceries at the lowest market price. The firm often buys the stock in bulk and use leftover products to reduce the overall cost. PaknSave needs to realize with big stock the spoilage of products will be more. Such clients are the “hot” prospect for the Relex because they need an authentic automatic replenishment solution which could help them with demand forecasting and handle inventory planning to reduce the loss due to spoilage of goods.


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