Both a thesis and a research paper are some sorts of academic documents. Although, these two documents are not the same things, they differ by purpose for which they are used, style of writing, and some specific components.

Thesis is an academic document commonly known as dissertation, which is written to an obtain academic degree. A student undertakes intensive research works on a specific topic to come to a conclusion regarding the topic. After getting a specific conclusion, the thesis writer starts writing the dissertation in a specific style and as per the guidelines provided by his or her mentors. A thesis is an elaborate explanation of a student or researcher whereby he or she conveys to the examiners or mentors regarding his or her research outcomes in details. As such a thesis writing is associated with postgraduate studies, like Ph.D. or M.Phil. This study is normally carried on under the constant supervision of a professor or an academician from the same field.

The mentor takes all responsibilities of the student under him, and guides on correct ways of researching, thesis writing, and representing the thesis. The student can refer any type of problem to the professor, and follow his advice to write the thesis correctly.

Research Paper Writing

A research paper is on the other hand is written when a task is given to a student as a part of a course curriculum.

Simply speaking, a research paper is an extended essay that presents a student’s own clarification or assessment or argument. When a student writes an essay, he or she uses all necessary resources that can make the research paper the best one. While writing a research paper, lots of references from the similar categories of researches are also required to be taken. A research paper also involves surveying a large array of information from other fields that are relevant in the present context.

Thesis Writing

As far as the thesis writing is concerned, each university has their own rules and regulations regarding the length of the paper, use of references, writing style, and many more. But, in case of research writing common rules are obeyed.

Normally, research paper does not require as much time as writing a thesis paper. For that reason, students are expected to write a research paper while continuing their regular classes. While, writing a thesis needs completely fixed period of time, and students can only concentrate on the thesis only.