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The Multiple sclerosis causes when person’s  immune system damages the protective cells that covers the nerves of the brain and spinal cord.  Many symptoms are not common, but they can include paralysis and loss of vision..

In the disease of Multiple Sclerosis some develop mild symptoms, and other feels symptoms can be severe. In different stages Multiple Sclerosis develops. Most people never experience an advanced stage and will likely remain few. 

Many people, cause symptoms get progressively very bad.  In fact, some people may experience symptoms more frequently. Currently there is no cure for Multiple sclerosis, but emerging treatments show promise for slowing its progression. So for details about multiple sclerosis read this blog till end 

Let’s have a Look What is Multiple Sclerosis

Basically the Multiple sclerosis is a type of disease that disrupted information from human’s brain.  Multiple sclerosis is disrupts all the information sent from the brain to all over the body.  Those people who suffering from multiple sclerosis disease will experience walking trouble and balance loss. This disease is a progressive but the  cause is unknown. It’s thought to be genetic or environmental.

What are the Symptoms of MS

  • Balance loss
  • Numbness feet
  • Weakness of Muscle spasticity
  • Issues of vision weakness 
  • Pain of Chronic or acute
  • Problems of Memory or concentration

Team Members of Multidisciplinary

Role of MS Nurse

In progressive stages of disease the role of MS nurse is very important.  The MS nurse will give you support to the patient of MS and also helps the client understand their problems, how to manage day-to-day life while living with MS.  MS nurse arrange the methods to the client as the patient deals with the symptoms that accompany the disease.  An MS nurse will advise about treatment and advise the client on how they will overcome the psychological effects of suffering from MS.

The Role of Neurologist

At the time of diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the role of neurologist is to make the diagnosis.  The neurologist are the specialist in the treatment of brain disorders and the nervous system.  If the neurologist tell the patient that he or she suffering with the brain or spinal cord problem, he or she have to  undergo an MRI scan test.  If MS is diagnosed, the neurologist will establish the most appropriate option for the patient. 

Team of  Occupational Therapist 

Member of occupational therapist provides patient how they will maintain or overcome with multiple sclerosis disease. OT which means occupational therapist will assess the patient needs and create a plan accordingly and also establish an independent living.  The occupational therapist will look all the activities like have to manage cognitive, physical and emotional aspects of the patient. 

Role of Clinical Dermatology Nurse

Clinical Dermatology Nurse play a very crucial e role is the treatment of multiple sclerosis.  These nurses will treats the skin related problems and infections with the best treatment for the said skin issues.  The nurse will then oversee the best ways to treat the skin, providing advice and structured treatments to the patient.