Theory, law, and community are three technical terms within scientific communities. All these three terms are different from each other with distinct meaning. But the problem is most of the people not able to find their real meaning. If you also have any confusion about this, let’s clarify it by understanding the difference between these terms.

Definition of Law

In the scientific community, a law is defined as the statement (obtained by long-term observation) which describes the nature phenomenon. They are often declared through simple mathematical equations because they are mathematical in nature. The biggest example of law is “Law of Gravity which describes the natural phenomenon of gravity.” In law study, there are so many concepts involved hence students prefer law assignment help service to let their written work done quickly and professionally by knowledgeable expert writers.

Definition of Theory

Scientifically, the theory is defined as a logical explanation of why several things of the world work in a particular way. It is set by available data and used to find the new and unseen facts. It can be changed by new evidence. For Example Theory of Natural Selection explains why and how natural phenomenon occurs.

Definition of Fact

In scientific terms, a fact is defined as an accurate, verifiable, and functional observation. The facts are always considered correct until they are proved wrong by some evidence. These are the building blocks of scientific inquiry.

Difference Between Theory, Law, and Fact

Law describes an occurrence under a particular situation in nature while theory gives the explanation of a phenomenon. In comparison to law, facts are relatively less formal and generalized. Just like theory, a law can be used to do the forecast.

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