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Determining the Process JOnAS Open Source Implementation

In the Java EE application server, JOnAS is an open source implementation that is developed and hosted by ObjectWeb consortium. It was originally developed by Bull and Evidian. JOnAS is considered to be the purest Java implementation that relies on JDK. Our experts associated with JOnAS assignment help keeps upgraded knowledge in this field. It has already been downloaded by more than fifty thousand users and thus, JOnAS is used in numerous operational applications like inventory systems, intranet applications, e-commerce, management systems, e-portal, document processing, reservation systems, and banking applications. The implementation can be processed with different operating systems including Linux, Solaris, Windows, AIX, HP-UX and many. The platform is also applicable for JVMs and other databases like PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, ObjectStore, Informix, SQL Server, Access etc.

As of March 17, 2009, JOnAS has been declared as a Java EE 5 certified platform. It is an open-source server ever that is certified for free. The process that made this possible is known as J2EE scholarship and was established by Sun which is a non-profit organization. The architecture of JOnAS 5 is based on the framework of OSGi. This makes the development process easier especially when it comes to dynamic components. Be noted, JonAS 5.3 is applicable for web profile only. The best part is, JOnAS comes with a complete clear remote management console that provides easy access tools for deploying web applications and remote uploading.

The implementation tool configures both secure and generic web access ports while managing the username, passwords and role datasets. In the past, the consoles of open source Java EE servers were very confusing as it required features that were not visible immediately. Overcoming this is an issue was pivotal especially when it comes to teaching as the servers were not meant to be managed by novice end users. Therefore, the implementation process of JOnAS provided a never-ending healing application server for ambient computing and various critical applications. It is a special platform that delivers automatic reconfiguration and management system without affecting the applications. When it comes to the functionality of JOnAS, it seamlessly morphs into smaller footprints that are embedded in servers for supporting other applications.

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