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Oracle Assignment Help

BookMyHelp provides instant Oracle assignment help. The Oracle experts associated with this premium assignment writing help extends all sorts of help to accomplish the assignment writing job successfully. Moreover, the expert Oracle assignment writers can be contacted to solve any sort of Oracle related tasks, including homework, work sheet solution, case studies and dissertations.

What Oracle?

Oracle Database software is frequently used in big companies and government jobs. It is primarily composed of tools used for running enterprise-grade computer servers and systems. The software is highly popular for its database management, but it also provides a number of other tools as well.

Oracle DB smoothly runs on most of the major platforms, like Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac OS etc. Different software versions of Oracle are available in the market. Depending on the requirements and budget organizations or professionals buy different versions of Oracle. These versions available in the market are as follow –

  • Enterprise Edition: It offers all available features that are always required for the smooth running of an organization. It also includes the best possible performance, ultimate security, and extreme flexibility.
  • Standard Edition: Contains basic functionalities for the professionals who don’t require the functionalities like the enterprises.
  • Express Edition (XE): The lightweight, free and limited Windows and Linux edition.
  • Oracle Lite: This is available for mobile devices.

The most dynamic feature of Oracle software is that it is divided into two parts: Logical and Physical. This structure is meant for a large-scale distributed computing, which is also known as grid computing. In this process, location of the data is irrelevant and absolutely transparent to the user. It allows for a more flexible and segregated physical structure that can be smoothly added to or changed without upsetting the principal activity of the database, existing data or the users.

Thus, sharing the resources in this way permits very flexible networks of data, whose capacity can be easily adjusted to meet the demand, without losing the quality of service. It also makes the system very strong and flexible. At no point, due to any failure to the database system, the performance deteriorates or the system fails to work smoothly. The networked plan adopted for the storage resources means that any failure would be local only.

Advantages of Oracle DB System are as follows –

  1. Portability of the system – Oracle can run in more than 100 hardware platforms and 20 network protocols. This means working on Oracle is highly secured and safe. Changing to one hardware platform to the other doesn’t pose any problem, and changing to one network protocol to the other doesn’t face any protocol failure.
  2. Largest market presence – Oracle is the largest RDBMS vendor. It has the largest RDBMS market share in UNIX, VMS and OS/2.
  3. Version changes – Information on the change of version is quite fast in Oracle. Users don’t fall in any problem.
  4. Customer support – Oracle, like Ingres, but unlike Sybase, supports cursors which help in smooth programming, when fast performing is desirable. A cursor mostly undertakes row-by-row processing. Oracle DB system supports several cursors per Oracle connection in line with ANSI standards.
  5. Multiple database support – With the help of 2-phase commit protocol, Oracle can manage multiple database in a single transaction.

Some Important Aspects of Oracle are as follows:

1. The Relational Databases – This is the best aspect of Oracle DB. Oracle is an organized gathering of data which is managed like a unit.

2. The Schema Objects – Schema objects are client made structures that precisely introduce necessary information in the database. The database in Oracle supports numerous types of the schema objects, like tables and lists.

3. Database Architecture –It means the design, implementation and maintenance of computer programming. Oracle’s database structure is considered as one of the best in this industry.

BookMyEssay’s Experts Help:

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The writers here are extremely efficient in all basic and extended aspects of Oracle, and habituated in working with all versions of Oracle. These writers occasionally solve complicated topics on Oracle and enable the students to achieve high scores in their assignments.

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