Modern technology implies all the modern techniques used in today’s world. It ranges from smart gadgets and smart techniques used in various activities. Internet after its introduction has taken the world by storm. Every individual who has the reach to a smart phone is indulged in this activity directly or indirectly. Every individual has an impact of modern technology on his life whether strong or light. Social media has also affected life of almost everyone surfing the internet. People believe in everything posted on social media. Political activities also have an influence of modern technology and all processes related to the political parties are done accordingly. The students can take Political Science Assignment Help online from the experts, if they need any kind of support with this subject.

What are Major Political Activities?

Political activities refer to all those activities related to political parties. These activities are at their peak during the elections. Elections involve a lot of hustle by people under the financial influence. Parties arrange election campaigns luring the potential voters through their convincing power. They hold rallies in different parts of the country to explain what they have done in yester years and what they are planning to do in future, if they come to power. But the main thing is that they should do everything within the code of conduct specified by the election commission.

How it has Impact on Political Activities?

Carrying out the political activities manually has now become obsolete. The modern technology and the younger generation of the leaders are working together towards a revolution in politics. Using the potential of technology the political parties are representing their achievements in a new avatar. Technology has played a major role in shaping a new political ground for the politicians. The citizens are impressed by the political party which is more tech-savvy. Campaigns on social media have more impact than the rallies on buses and trucks. There are three major ways in which politics is being influenced by technology:

As a Technological Tool for the Political Influencers: Political influencers better known as political actors like the government itself and other politicians and organizations take technology as their weapons to influence public in their favour. The message to public is best sent through technology. May it be social media, TV or ads through e-mail; everything has a deep impact upon the people.

As a Platform for Campaigning and Data Privacy: Technology equipped with social media platform is an excellent stage for campaigning for elections. These parties look for data privacy which again is a technological tool.

As a Public Tool Influencing Politics: Not only the parties, public is also using technology to have impact on politics. Social media is most powerful in broadcasting messages related to politics world over thus even moving a strong leadership. Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc are some platforms in which public is involved.

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