Australia has the 4th largest hub for scholars for study determinations which affects its economy. Covid-19 drastically affected almost every country and Australia was no exclusion for that, many families, scholars got affected by it. Be a part of BookMyEssay’s Quality Assignment Help to boost your education performance at the earliest

Problems International Students Faced:

  • Monetary concerns Faced Over Closure of the Nation:

At the beginning of the Covid-19, 12% of people were working a few more hours in fear of closure of the country and functioning places. But at a similar time, 24% of people were working fewer hours than average in fear of coming in contact with the Covid-19.

As borders were closed numerous international scholars got stuck in Australia with no monetary earning choice, away from family. Some got homeless or suffered without nutrition. As the students were from dissimilar countries, there was not much help from the Australian administration as well.

  • Racism:

As covid-19 rose in China and got spread by people traveling overseas. A similar happened with Australia, scholars from China when they flew back to Australia, were the cause of initial cases there. This made local scholars and people get more chauvinistic against people from China and Asia. Racism was continuously present there but due to this condition, it increased even more. BookMyEssay has a team of in-house writers who start working immediately after receiving your order in order to become more and more productive and to deliver quality assignment help before the deadline.

In 2020 June, when everything started opening back up, and all the international scholars from Asia returned, people started calling them by the term “corona” and the situation went this challenging.

  • Loss of Educations:

In the first stage of covid-19, scholars were made to return to their nations and online classes have chosen for the mode of education. It was the finest option for that condition.

  • Psychological Matters:

Numerous surveys were made to comprehend the progress of scholars because of the Covid-19. It was seen that most of the international scholars were experiencing some kind of psychological issues because of an ongoing condition. The common concerns seen were:

  • Anxiety
  • Unhappiness
  • Fear of adulteration
  • Economic loss fear
  • Xenophobia
  • Obsessive behavior
  • Traumatic stress symptoms

As the world is trying to heal from this pandemic, the students are still lost and hopeless with the burden of studies and earning a living to support themselves. Many needed consultation and therapy for recovering from all the challenges they faced. Along with many other things the online study made things worse by pilling more work and assignments in the name of self-study. A huge number of students from different major nations have prioritized our Online Assignment Help to us become more productive in school.

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