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The History of Halloween

History of Halloween

We all know that there are millions of people all around the world who celebrate this festival. Despite the number, there are only a few who actually know the history behind Halloween. This blog contains all the information about the history of Halloween. So, read thoroughly to know the origin of this festival.

The Halloween is known as the Celt festival dated back in the ancient time. They lived 2000 years back. There was a huge population of the Celt people who used to live in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Northern France. These people use to celebrate their New Year on the 1st of November as a festival called “Samhain”.

The date was marked as an end of the summer and harvesting and the beginning of cold winter which is often associated with human death. Celts used to believe that on the eve on New Year the lines between living and dead world get blurred. The dead souls return to the earth. Apart from damaging crops and claiming lives, the Celts people believed that spirits from another world make it easier for priests to make predictions. This is why fortune-telling is one of the popular traditions of Halloween. It was an important source of information and direction for them during the lost time.

To celebrate this day they used to build huge sacred bonfire where people would burn crops and animals as a sacrifice to spirits. They used to dress up using animal bones and skin and attempted to tell each other’s future. When the celebration was over Celts used to go back to their house. They relight the extinguished bonfire as it protects them from the dark winter. According to the Celts tradition, the Halloween symbolizes the end of summer and the beginning of the winter. Although this day has also the superstitious meaning, in the end, it is about the beginning of the new season and the New Year. So, this was the amazing history of this spooky festival. If you have any more questions about its history then you can take help with history assignment online.

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