Human resource is the people working in a business organization. It is the most important resource for running a business. Without proper management of human resource, it is impossible for an organization to achieve its target. Here comes the need for Human resource management. HRM is the process of utilizing human resource in an effective and efficient way so that the organizational goals can be achieved. Human resource management includes planning, organizing, controlling, and directing human resource in a way that individual, social and organizational objectives can be accomplished. Along with it, human resource management also involves procuring, maintaining and developing competent human resource in an organization that ensures smooth working of an organization.

Common Objectives of HRM

  • Organizational Objectives– Human Resource Management generally focuses on achieving effectiveness and efficiency means the management of human resource should be done in a way in which it can be utilized in the best possible way keeping in mind the target set by the organization. It involves seeking the right person for the right kind of job in the right quantity at the right time along with providing proper training to that individual for his/her development so that his/her skills can be utilized in the right way. Then only organizational objectives can be achieved. In the similar way, the required quantity of workforce needs to be managed and prepared.
  • Social Objectives- Human Resource Management should be done keeping in mind the ethical aspects, legal aspects and the social environment issues which are utmost important. There should be equal pay and equal opportunity for equal amount of work so that the legal issues must not be violated. Social objectives for human resource management also includes generation of employment opportunities for people of the society, promoting women empowerment, creating some dispensaries and schools for helping the society and mankind. When Human Resource Management is done keeping in mind all the social objectives, then only it can be profitable for the organization as well as for the society and its people.
  • Personal objectives- Nowadays, there is very shortage of competent employees because there are lots of companies and they are all seeking the competent human resource. With proper human resource management, an organization can acquire, utilize, maintain, encourage, and develop employees. Also each and every employee should be given fair treatment and fair wages so that employees would be satisfied working in that organization. It is the duty of HRM to make sure that there should not be any misbehave or harassment with any employee of the organization.
  • Functional objective- Human Resource Management involves keeping track of operations and functional activities going on in an organization and also to make sure that they must go on smoothly. It is important to make sure that the facilitation cost should not exceed the profit cost otherwise it would be a loss for the organization. Human Resource Management includes performing functions of other departments as well.

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