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This is a common word and you will get to hear this world whenever there is a talk of Assets. The assets is anything that has value. We call assets top properties from homes to automobiles. This possessions help to build credit. The example of this is, if you want a home loan to buy a new home, then you could use your vehicle as a property to get the loan. In case you default the loan payment, then you can use this asset to fall back upon.


The capital again is a common word used all across the finance field. This could be defined as the assets that are available readily for use to buy further properties. The capital can also be the cash in reserve, property, saving or products.


The financial obligation the cash or asset that have value obtained from an individual who is described as a debtor.

Financial Obligation Consolidation.

The debt consolidation term means replacing many loans with a single loan. This is basically safeguarded at home. Because this loan is safeguarded, therefore, here ROI will be substantially lower.


It is the difference between the product value and the amount that is billed on it.


This is the term mean the amount of all outstanding financial obligations that an individual, company or any specific own to its debtors.


The term principal means is to explain the money quantity obtained without involving in any interest or any extra charges.


This is the term that refers to the debt length contract. This can be explained with the example, if you are taking the loan for 10 years, then the period of 10 years is the term.

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The Finance field deals with asset allocation and liabilities over the time. The subject also uses and applies the theories of economics at some level. A main point in finance is the time and money value. This states that the purchasing power of one unit of currency can vary over time.

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