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 The definition of tragic hero is very simple: it refers to the hero in a tragedy. In every tragic story you will always see the character of a tragic hero.  In tragedy plots almost all tragic heroes have traits of heroic. Sometimes tragic heroes also have flaws, or they make some mistakes that lead to their downfall or always have tragic endings.  If we take the example of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the character of Romeo falls under the definition of tragic hero.  Romeo’s passion for love makes him a compelling character, but it in the end leads to his tragic death.

Have a look some important key points that fit the tragic hero definition 

We all read about Aristotle in the literature that he was the first Greek philosopher. He is the first who defined the word tragic hero.  On the study of Greek drama his definition of tragic hero was based.  Tragic hero definition is the idea was initially coined by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle based on his study of drama of Greek.

Despite the term “tragic hero”, it sometimes happens that tragic heroes are not actually heroes at all in the specific plot – and also in some specific cases, antagonists may even be described as tragic heroes. 

The Tragic heroes are the main ingredient that makes tragedies plot, well, tragic. The idea of ​​the main characteristics of tragic heroes has changed over time.

Significance of Aristotle and the Tragic Hero

According to Aristotle, any good tragedy when it makes a feeling of pity and fear in front of an audience.  In tragic hero there are two feelings that are fundamental to the experience of catharsis.  Aristotle said that a tragic hero is when the tragic hero meets his death or, “pity comes from misfortune, fear from the misfortune of a man like us.”

He defined the main characteristics of a tragic hero.  A tragic hero must possess these characteristics to evoke the above sentiment in the audience.  According to him, a tragic hero must include these things 

  • Always be virtuous in your words
  • Always be flawed
  • Suffer a reversal of fortune
  • Always remember that make it short 

Characteristics of Modern Tragic Hero

  • In tragedy all the Characters of all gender and class backgrounds no discrimination 
  • In tragic heroes you do not need to be from any noble family.  A lowly or female character may also be considered a tragic hero.
  • Some tragic Characters who don’t fit the traditional definition of a hero.
  • The tragic hero can be a common person like us who doesn’t have the qualities of a hero. 
  • The tragic hero must gain the sympathy of the audience
  • In tragic hero Stumbling is important.

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