One of the biggest problems for a student is when he/she does a lot of hard work, studies for hours and hours in a day, and even then end up with not-so-good grades. And this only adds to the stress and burden on the student. This can happen when you just start cramming things, or don’t follow your style of studying but the normal regular technique of studying.  So, why no break the old style, and try something that comes naturally to you, and will certainly lead you to the grades you have always expected for yourself. Don’t worry even if your exams are just round the corner, you can still manage things, and come up with flying color.

  • First of all you need to figure out what suits you the best. And for this you have to analyze your present situation, and then come up with an appropriate time- table. To make it easier and faster think of the following things and then start acting:
    • Chart out your current schedule
    • Focus on study topics, and then accordingly plan your time-table.
  • This might take some time, but once you discover the technique that works for you the best, nobody will be able to stop you from becoming the class-topper. Some of the techniques that can work are:
    • Learning by heart – This does not mean mugging up, but understanding things, and then memorizing them.
    • Making notes – You can also take down notes of important points while studying. But don’t write everything mindlessly as this would only complicate your situation.
    • Group study – It can be an effective method to keep things in mind. Plus, studying with our friends can be fun as well. Plus, it can also work as inspiration and by discussing things you remember for a long time.
    • Learning through audio-visual – This technique is more sensory, this includes watching documentaries, recording your study points and then listening to them again and again.
    • Taking mock test – This helps you revise things, and see what all you remember, and what are the areas you need to put more emphasis on.
    • Prepare flash cards – This will help you to revise things efficiently and quickly.
  • Now take care of the external factors that affect your studies.

After trying the aforementioned methods see which one works best for you. If you still doubt these methods, then you should take the help of your teachers. The technique that suits you best will keep you interested in studies, and so you will be able to great marks in exams.

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