Asia is a vast continent that comprises of multiple thriving and flourishing countries namely India, Cyprus, Israel, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Pakistan, Thailand, Uzbekistan, and the Philippines. Along with this, it also proudly sports some mineral-rich nations namely Iran, Brunei, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain. Crime rate has always been a concern for these countries wherein living is no more considered as 100% secure.

Students studying crime and legal courses are often given assignments in which they cover preliminary overview of organized crime happening in Asia. Basic lacking behind these crime scenes happening is a pool and ill managed law enforcement systems which encourage the criminals to plan and organ die these crimes without fear.  Some of the papers written also revolved around drawing conclusion and contributions that lead to common problems in law enforcement which thereby fail to control and prevent crimes in society.

The countries and inherit law systems has been revised and underwent strict scrutiny for improvement. Studies have also been conducted to understand changing character and form of organized transnational crime, by means of strengthening shared legal assistance done by some of the regional bodies namely ASEAN.

Major Factors Hindering the Lessening of Crime Rate

One of the major factors hindering the lessening of crime rate in these countries is organized crime in Asia also faces difficulties due to cultural diversity, weakness in law enforcement in a handful of states along with lack of common strategies that can work wonders in illicit markets. As per the study rolled out by the United Nations Office done on critical domains such as Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has disclosed that crime groups that trade drugs and fake goods and take up human trafficking on a large scale along with illicit wildlife trade have earned a massive income in billions in areas and states of East Asia and the Pacific.

There are some prevalent crime groups in East and Southeast Asia that have managed to be in action and survive since 19th century. Some of the law-enforcement agencies has now put on patrol specific troops of police and have started to routinely observe junction and connectivity that strengthen different Asian crime groups. Overcoming the language barriers, some of the highly popular Chinese and Japanese crime groups have increased their connections. These groups primarily include nationalities namely Mexican, Iranian, West African, and South Asian crime groups. Strategic violence has got a major role to in enforcing contracts that are prevalent in illicit markets. Some of these alliances are happening between the criminal world and corrupt elements that are existent in the state.

Touching the root cause of all these crime types and their increasing rate, the sole loopholes detected is the Ineffective Law Enforcement. This includes many weak factors such as delay in effective action to curb problems such as counterfeiting, supply of illegal drugs, and wildlife extraction along with loose interpretation between different security teams.

Another of the factor that promotes and hinder in lessening rate of crime is lack of sense of ones in ASEAN as a community. The countries here must realize that they share a common fate, and requires close and effective coordination to stand against organized crime. The processes and strategies to put an end to such crimes must be devised in harmony to ensure that Asia remains free of crime. Chinese Government has taken measures to create awakening regarding high cost of fake and dangerous products along with spreading new on the perils of using “ice” for the young. The government has also imposed some restrictions on the export of precursor chemicals which are significant to be followed by India.

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