If you have got the dissertation task to write on any topic and you are clueless about how to start your dissertation and how to compose correct abstract, then here is the help for you. We are sharing some important points that you should consider while writing a dissertation abstract that will keep your focus on the content. At first you should know what is abstract and what importance it holds.

What is Abstract in a Dissertation?

The abstract is the part of any dissertation or thesis and it holds a huge importance. The abstract is written at the beginning of content and it is like the first substantive description of any content. Therefore, when it comes to writing Abstract for a dissertation work, it should remain the perfect and fulfill the accurate expectations of the readers. It should accurately convey the gist of whole content.

The abstract can also be called as the summary of content as it presents all important and major elements of work in saturated form. Suppose if a dissertation is written on the topic ‘importance of economics’, then the dissertation abstract will contain the summary of entire dissertation work in a condensed form.

It is not just an introduction of the dissertation content or topic. On the other hand, the dissertation abstract must be written in a way that it substitute the whole thesis when there is not sufficient time and space present for the full text.

So this is the importance of abstract in thesis or a dissertation. Now have a look on some of the points that you should consider before writing the abstract, so that you do not get distracted and come up with under quality work.

Consider the Size and Structure of Abstract

At present, the maximum size limit for abstract according to National Archives of Canada is 150 words to 350 words. 150 words are for master thesis and 350 words are for doctoral dissertation. You should write the abstract within this word limit.

The abstract structure should be the mirror of structure of the whole thesis, and all major elements of content should reflect in the content.

Specify your Research Questions Clearly

In a thesis or dissertation, the research questions are critical in ensuring that the abstract is logically structured. Basically, it forms the skeleton which is adhered by other elements. It should be presented close to the beginning of the abstract.

Mention the Results

In dissertation writing, the most common error that people do is they do not present the result. So, ensure you do not forget to mention the result.

The core function of your dissertation is to tell what you discovered. You should dedicate the last half of the abstract to summarize and interpreting your results.

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