With the advancement in learning and up gradation of the education system, the main focus is given on experiential learning that is providing a hands-on activity for real experience of a thing or a process. like that, civil engineering technology has also included one field trip in their curriculum either to any under construction road, bridge, or any building to incorporate the real experience of learning and understanding things to the students in the easiest way. As we know civil engineering is related to train students in drafting, designing, analyzing, and surveying any structure for its construction and development. On the other hand Field trips actually, enable the students to bring textbooks to life. There are criteria of including one field trip in the whole program for civil engineering students. After that visit student is supposed to provide a write-up and thesis report based on the trip, which actually not an easy task. So, BookMyEssay through Civil Engineering assignment help tries to fulfill all the requirement related to reports and engineering assignment based on your topic.

The Aim of a Field Trip:

  • Students will be able to acquire knowledge based on real experience.
  • Students can easily clear their doubts, clarify thinking.
  • Enhance their imagination, creativity and other architectural qualities.
  • It enables students to that environment-friendly
  • They can easily and fluently synthesize information.
  • Builds management and team-leading
  • Able to make predictions and draw appropriate conclusions.
  • Make familiar with instruments with the proper way to use.

Advantages of Field Trip:

  • Real world experience: while taking students to a new place either a dam, bridge, road or any under construction site or to ancient monuments to figure out each process and steps to be undertaken for construction. This experience illustrates and enhances the information provided in textbook learning.
  • Sparks new interest and passion: by adding distinct way different from ancient boring classroom teaching to a new destination for practicals away from the labs bring a new passion and enthusiasm in students to learn something new.
  • Team leader qualities: it incorporates team learning and leading qualities in each and every student as they have to work in teams in a trip. Also, a civil engineer should learn to interact with their fellows along with laborers, architects, dealers etc. so, with this real experience, they are able to interact with them.
  • Distinct knowledge of geology: knowledge of geology that is everything related to earth, environment, and climate etc other features are enhanced by field trips which enable them to be a perfect civil engineer.

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