What is Chemistry?

Chemistry is a branch of physical sciences. It deals with matter and its interactions. It brushes its shoulders with every other branch of science such as physics, mathematics, and biology. It is a broad and complex discipline with a wide scope career-wise for science students. Chemistry assignments are related to the problematic areas and their solutions.

It deals with properties, structure, and composition of matter. The changes occurring in the matter due to its interaction with energy are called chemical reactions. These reactions involve reactants changing to products with either absorption or release of heat. These reactions are represented in the form of chemical equations which tells us that in what proportion the reactants are taken to form the products and what quantity of products are formed. Balanced chemical equations give us an idea about the accurate quantity of substances to be taken in order to obtain the desired quantity of products. All the activities going on in the living and non-living world involves with creative thinking and chemical reactions.

History of Chemistry:

Development of Chemistry can be divided into four eras for easy understanding. Prehistoric times are called the age of black magic in chemistry. Many metals were discovered and associated with heavenly bodies. The beginning of Christian era till the end of the seventeenth century was called the age of Alchemy. Here scientists made various combinations of substances and created new mixtures and compounds. The end of 17th century till the mid of 19th century is called the age of traditional chemistry and from then till the present day, it is called the age of modern chemistry. Here chemistry was taken as a complete and independent discipline and formal study of chemistry was started.

What are the Topics of Study in Chemistry?

Chemistry is a wide branch of physical sciences. It has many sub-branches which are studied in chemistry. These are pursued by a wide number of students worldwide. The main topics or effective ways of writing assignment on chemistry are:

  • Organic Chemistry: It is the study of organic compounds or compounds containing carbon. It is called chemistry of life as all living tissues have organic molecules.
  • Inorganic Chemistry: It is the study of all matter without carbon such as metals, non-metals, and gases. Preparation and properties of substances are studied which are used in our everyday life.
  • Physical Chemistry: It deals with physical quantities such as thermodynamics and quantum mechanics involved in chemistry.
  • Analytical Chemistry: It involves qualitative and quantitative techniques to analyze the properties of a substance.
  • Biochemistry: It is the study of biomolecules like proteins, carbohydrates etc which forms the basis of living organisms.

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