Data Science is all about analysing, organising and contextualising data. The data scientist around the world use different kind of statistical techniques for extracting valuable information from data. This is used to perform different kind of operations. To work with data science it is important to have critical thinking and strong skills in statistics. This blog shares a brief of major statistical techniques that every data scientist should know about. If you are learning data science then you should keep the best knowledge of statistical techniques. Moreover, you can also take statistics assignment help.

List of Important Statistical Methods Data Scientist Should Know About

Linear Regression: This is one prominent statistical method that can be used to predict the target variable. It maps linear relationship between two variables. These are called dependent and independent variables. The linear regression is considered best because it reduces the sum of all the distances between actual and shape observation.

The Linear Regression Is Categorised Into Two Types

  • Simple linear regression: It uses single independent variable to evaluate independent variable by making the best linear relationship.
  • Multiple linear regression: This is the type that uses more than one independent variable for predicting the dependent variable with best linear relationship.

Classification: The classification is another important technique of data mining. It allocates the category for the data collection to do better and accurate analysis. The predictions based on classification method are highly significant. The classification method shows its effectiveness on the large dataset. The major types of classification are as follows:

  • Logistic Regression: It is appropriate to conduct when the dependent variable is binary. Like other analyses, logistic regression is considered predictive analysis.
  • Discriminate Analysis: It models the distribution of predictor X separately in every response classes. The models can be either linear or quadratic.

Resampling Method: It is the method consists of extracting repeated samples from the original data samples. The resampling method is non-parametric method of statistical inference. It doesn’t involve the use of generic distribution tables. It majorly generates unique samples from the actual data set. To acquire complete details about this method you can take homework and assignment writing services from the expert writers. However, if you want to understand the concept of resampling then you must get yourself familiar with the terms like Bootstrapping and cross-validation.

Shrinkage: The Shrinkage is another popular approach that works perfectly with model involving predictors. The two widely-known techniques of shrinkage the coefficient estimate towards zero are lasso and ridge regression.

Subset Selection: It is the approach that identifies subset of the predictors. The sub branches of subset selection are as follows:

  • Best-subset selection
  • Backward Stepwise Selection
  • Forward Stepwise selection
  • Hybrid Method

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