The world is celebrating ‘power of females‘ on this glorious day.  It is accredited to all those power packed and multi-talented women who have proven their mettle in almost every sphere be it, social, cultural,economic, or political. The core idea or objective behind celebrating this day globally is to remove gender inequality and giving a hands-up approach to those who still feel they belong to the ‘weaker sex’.

International Women’s Day (IWD) has come into existence in early 1900’s –which got its due notification and recognition from multiple sections pf the society that duly respect and value women’ contribution in making this society quite progressive. This day of special recognition for women is not contribute any single government, academic institution, NGO, corporation, charity, women’s network but its collaboration of many powerful and liberal houses and organizations have contributed towards declaring this day in the name of women. All these set-ups favor specific agenda or causes that are targeted at uplifting women’s status in the modern society.

Precisely, the efforts are directed towards assigning women with their entitled rights and power to gain much more active participation form their end. The core idea behind celebrating this day is send out a message that this sex deserves its due share of pride, honor and recognition for contributing a major share in developing and sustaining a society.  This day is celebrated to invoke a feeling of unity, harmony, reflection and action that aim to strengthen women’s stance in a society. Celebrated from past few years, this day has managed to strengthen women’ position in the world, giving them a reason to feel special and valued.

On the account of celebration, a large network of women hub aims to connect from all around the world who belong from all walks of life ranging from business conferences, political rallies, government sector and other networking events and participate in women’s craft markets, prepare and perform in theatric shows, organize fashion parades and so on. This day calls for large scale even organization and celebrations which are sponsored by many global corporations. With each passing year, this day and its significance are seen rising in terms of popularity and wholehearted participation.

The day is also taken forward in a progressive spirit wherein it is now connected with 2030 Agenda, that targets at building momentum for effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals which aims at achieving gender equality thereby empowering women and girls. It also spans to the idea of providing quality education as well as promoting lifelong learning for women’s empowerment.

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