What is Artificial Intelligence?

It is the development of computer systems in such a way that perform tasks which normally require human intelligence quotient. The senses of humans are used in all tasks such as sight, sensation, hearing etc. Decision making and language perception has also been developed in these machines. These machines are better known as humanoids or robots today. Education is an area which needs this type of intervention very direly. This application will bring revolution in education industry. Bringing Artificial Intelligence into education makes the learning process fast and innovative. Also every process concerned with education explored by BookMyEssay through assignment Writing Help will speed up like admissions, examinations, grading and what not.

What Are the Impacts of Artificial Intelligence On Education?

The most impactful contribution of artificial intelligence on education and administration is that it can speed up all the administrative tasks concerned with educational institutions. The institutions have to appoint a lot of non-teaching staff to do the administrative functions. Right from rolling out prospectus and admission form up to declaration of results everything can be speeded up and will require less manpower. Automated computing systems will take care of admission process, allocation of classes and accommodation of students in hostels. Timely declaration of various events, functions, notices etc to the students can speed up and will be less error free. All the processes will be streamlined and will run smoothly.

The burden on lecturers and professors will be less through the use of Artificial intelligence as it will reduce the pressure of grading the homework, measuring of student’s response and evaluating assignments and essays. The teachers and other educators will pay more attention on lesson planning and interaction with students. Automation will reduce the paperwork for admission tests and online checking will enhance the admission process.

The testing system will also improve considerably. Machines are already in use for multiple choice exam papers and fill in the blank tests. Soon artificial intelligence will replace human gradation system with an automated one. The robots will assist in checking written papers just as humans do.

Now comes the turn of students. As they are promoted to higher classes, the need of assistance grows and cannot be met by their efforts single-handedly. The assistance from the teachers and the parent get reduced as they think that the child has grown up and can help himself. By the use of artificial intelligence, assistance to the students in tutoring and grasping basic concepts has become very easy. They can now learn everything by themselves. There are various interactive tools available on web which gives self-learning capabilities to the students. This has also made students independent and decision makers of the future.

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