In nursing, Gibbs Reflective cycle is the most used model. It was developed by Graham Gibbs in 1988. Gibbs reflective cycle is the most common question in biology assignments and apart from that, there are many other related questions that you need to write by referring to the referred books by your seniors and professors. Other than that, you can get Biology Assignment Help from the online platforms where the whole assignment will get submitted to you before the suggested deadline.

Gibbs Reflective Cycle Advantages and Disadvantages are the most common short answer questions which have been repeated many times in the biology exam as well as projects and assignments where students need to give valid answers.

6 Stages Involved in the Gibbs Reflective Cycle Are:

Description: In this section, you need to give all the background information about what you want to reflect on the write-up. You can mention who was involved in the incident and what exactly you want to reflect on it.

Feelings: In this section of feelings, you have to make sure that you mention your feelings and thoughts you had about the experience. Mostly make sure that you write about how this incident has an impact on you.

Evaluation: Evaluate the Gibbs Reflective model and write about the thought about how things were and where did the incident happen. Make sure that you mention the incident that was hard for you and whether it got solved later or not.

Analysis: The most important section of the assignment is analysis. In this section, you have to mention how you helped yourself during the incident. Make sure to jot down the things which troubled you a lot during that time.

Conclusion: In this section, you have to acknowledge the things you learned through that incident. Make sure to mention the things that you could have done during the time of the incident. Explain everything about the things that you did at that time. It is possible though to have a positive experience or a positive output so just mention it.

Action Plan: In this section, write down all the things that can be done if a similar incident happens again. Make sure that whatever you mention should be practically possible for you to do. It can also be possible for you to get training to deal with a similar issue. Find out if there’s a need to get advice on this issue that could help you and mention it down in this section of the assignment.

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