Before we begin anything, it is important to understand that Perl is not just a programming language. Instead it is a group consists of programming languages that are all dynamic and interpreted. It has different versions which include Perl 5 and Perl 6. The developments of both these language versions are independent of each other. The Perl is an acronym of ‘Practical Extraction and Reporting Language’. The students who are learning this language can take Perl Programming assignment writing assistance from the experts of BookMyEssay.

What Exactly Perl Programming Language is About?

The Perl language combines the features of C programming. It has ability of shell script that is used to execute huge sets of commands. This has components of awk and sed. These are largely used in command line scripting for the manipulation of the text.

Most of the times, the programmers prefer using Perl for development of complex software applications. Undoubtedly, Perl is an interpreted programming language and the codes written in Perl are compiled into the byte-code. When the program is executed the byte codes get converted in the machine instruction. The availability of this feature facilitates the work of programmers to evaluate and run Perl applications.

History of Perl Programming Language

As mentioned earlier, the Perl Programming combines feature of both Python and shell scripting. The Perl came in existence in 1980’s. This means it is even older than Python. It was considered as the ‘Swiss Knife’ of all the programming language because of its versatility. This became the favourite programming language of those who were not good at writing code. The starting out in code can be difficult. It helps the power users who could build powerful programs.

 This language is capable for text manipulation. The Perl is best used for the rapid development. As a result this was one of the most popular web programming languages out there. This is even referred to as the ‘duct-tape of the Web’. To know more about it you can take help with Perl Programming assignment.

What are the Advantages of Perl?

It is not right to compare Perl with Python. It offers so many advantages.  Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Speed: There is no denial in the fact that Perl is faster than Python for conducting many tasks, and more powerful.
  • One-Liner: The Perl has many shortcuts that allow you to quickly write scripts.
  • Regular expressions: These are first-class data-type rather than add ins. It means you can manipulate them programmatically exactly like the first-class object.

Perl was specially designed for processing text. The best thing about Perl is that it has built-in text processing capability. This is why it is widely used server-side programming language. The programmers around the world use Perl for manipulation as well as text processing. Adding to that the database integration interface offered by Perl is beneficial for relational database management systems (RDMBS) — ORACLE, MySQL, Sybase and PostgreSQL. All in all, we can say that Perl was not that popular before but now it is hard to ignore its presence.

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