You must have seen the letters ICT everywhere, but what does it actually means? ICT is an acronym and it stands for Information and Communication Technology. Acronym is all we have because there is no universally accepted definition for ICT. There are so many reasons for that. The methods, concepts and applications of Information and Communication Technology are ever-evolving. This guide contains all the information you need about the field of Information and Communication Technology. Moreover, if students need any kind of assistance for this then they can take ICT assignment writing help service from the expert academic writers available at BookMyEssay. Let’s begin by understand what ICT is all about.

Things You Should Know about Information and Communication Technology

Information and communication technology is the coherent term for the Information Technology (IT). When it gets unified with the domineering role of communication then combined together it is known as Information and communication technology. In more concise words, ICT is the field that is majorly associated with the providing the access to the information using telecommunication. ICT is considered best for the use of digital technology as it has provided our society with wide array of new communication abilities. This enables the businesses, individuals and organizations to make efficient use of the information. You can hire the  ICT homework assignment help online to know more about this.

As we all know that ICT is one broad subject and all of its concepts are always evolving. This field encompasses all the products that stores, manipulate, transfer, retrieve, and collection information through digital methods. The usage of communication technologies and modern information have created immense scope for the communication. Now people can talk to anyone living over the seas. This is the reason why information and communication technology is studied to understand how modern communication technology is affecting our world. The students can take custom assignment writing services from the professionals to know more about this topic.

Why Information and Communication Technology is Necessary in Academic Curriculum?

The insertion of information technology is now evident in the majority of the education curriculum. This field of study has gained fame because so many institutions have made it a mandatory subject. Information and communication technology has become of important subject as it revolves around every aspect of human effort most importantly the education sector. Adding to that, it is also known as the fastest growing industry in the 21st century.

We all have heard a lot about e-commerce, e-learning, e-banking, etc. This has become necessary for education curriculum creators to integrate ICT as a center around which other subjects revolve. This now being used as the platform on which modern learning is taking place. Needless to say, there has also been the standard shift concerning how knowledge and education should be distributed and managed. Previously, those who were conventional in this regard seem to be leading the race. The information and communication technology program is specially curated to match employer demands for IT and communication skills. Here is what it includes:

Under Information Technology:  This is the part that focuses on organizational change, project management, and technical skills. These are used for planning, developing, and implementing the IT stra­tegically. IT skills are merged with communication and this incorporates the writing and leadership skills for effective project management in the candidate.

Under Communication: Another section deals with the digital and social media and the complete understanding of communication theories and traditional technology. Communication is used for effective management of the role of the vast news delivery, the public relations on the internet, advertising, promotion, and marketing.

Reasons to Study ICT

  • The demand for ICT skills is growing every day.
  • This is one of the emerging field that pays well.
  • It offers candidate to meet the leadership opportunities and challenges for one satisfying career.
  • Combines Technological skills with communication in advertising, media and promotion.

Evaluating the Scope of Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology is a discipline that comes with broad coverage. It widely deals with communication technology and the way this influences the other spheres of human effort. This is considered one of the fastest-growing educational field of study. Millions of students from all around the world have chosen this field because of its immense scope. The popularity of ICT has made it one viable source of livelihood. The ICT assignment help online can be beneficial for the students to learn more about it.

This field unifies computer networking and telephone using a single system of cabling. This provides an ease to data storage, administration, management, and retrieval. It covers up vast domains such as software development, database management, application software, internet protocol, base station management, computer programming, security, networking analysis, media equipment, system software, signal technology, computer engineering, web designing, mobile application development, project management, computer studies, the internet, intranet, etc.

The Information Communication Technology (ICT) is the study program that strives to educate aspirants to understand the leadership roles. The entire application of information technology is about connecting organizations, individuals, and communities for the enhancement of their capability to succeed, while communication plays a critical role in this. Here is the wide batch of professions that fall under the arena of information and communication technology:

  • Database Analyst
  • Web Marketing Manager
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Mobilization and Digitization Professional
  • Government Technologist
  • Corporate Communications Coordinators
  • Online Engagement Specialists
  • E-Marketing Professional
  • Computer Programmers
  • Computer & Information Systems Manager
  • Staff Technologist
  • Privacy Coordinator
  • Computer Support Professional
  • Digital Strategist
  • Information Assurance Analyst


Undoubtedly, information and communication technology is the field that can open up vast career opportunities for the one who is opting to pursue it.

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