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ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Assignment Help

ICT is the short form of Information and Communication Technology. It is a broad term that encompasses every single important component and infrastructural facilities that help in modern computing. Today, with the introduction of wireless networks, the term has become more meaningful. If you are already pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate level course in computer science, you know the importance of ICT. Students in ICT or computer science need to face various types of assignments on various subjects in ICT. Writing these assignments is one of the toughest parts in any course curriculums. Thus, we have developed Information and Communication Technology assignment help.

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ICT: A Stream of Study Worth Pursuing

The stream is a vast one. It is not possible to include everything in a single course curriculum. Students primarily acquire knowledge of the basics and thereafter, specialize in certain streams. In a typical ICT course, you need to complete the following subject areas:

  • Types and different components of computer system: Here the students given detail lessons on different types of hardware and their functions, how the hardware components are interlinked and dependent on each other, the necessity and functions of application software and system software, application of system software, importance and function of CPU and its components like ROM, RAM, and Motherboard, etc., function of secondary storage devices, and many more aspects of computer systems.
  • Types of computer and wireless system: Here the students get detail knowledge on different types of computers like desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Students come to know in-depth the 2G, 3G, and 4G spectrum, other wireless systems, and what’s new in wireless communication.
  • Operating System: Students acquaint with different kinds of operating systems, their functions, what is command line interface, what is graphical line interface, etc.
  • Emerging technologies and their applications: Technologies like AI, Biometrics, Robotics, 3D imaging, Holographic Imaging, and many other new technologies are used everywhere. Students in ICT come to know about their applications in detail.
  • Input and Output devices: Various input and output devices are important for keeping the computer systems functional. These are like keyboards, pointing devices like touchpad and mouse, touchscreen, scanners, microphones, sensors, webcam, OCR, OMR, BCR, printers, etc. An ICT expert keeps working knowledge of these basic devices.
  • Storage devices: You will get hands-on knowledge on different storage devices like fixed and portable hard disks, magnetic tape drives, different types of optical storage media, flash drives, etc. In-depth knowledge of their advantages and disadvantages make the students expert in their applications.
  • Computer Networks: This is the most important part of ICT. Dozens of network systems are used in different ways which require intensive knowledge. Understanding internet, ISP, routers, wi-fi, WAN, LAN, WLAN, etc. are too important. Besides, knowledge of the network hardware devices like hubs, bridges, switches, network interface cards, etc. are also important for the students.
  • Network issues and communication systems: How a network works, what are the different modes of data transfer, what are its basic and extended security issues, etc. and many other important matters related to networking and data security systems are taught in details.
  • Effects and applications of ICT in different industries: In every industry, there is some uniqueness in the applications of ICT. As a professional in this field, you have to know them all in details. This includes, ICT is medicines, weather offices, scientific laboratories, libraries, booking system, banking, and insurance, etc. You also come to know about different aspects of data analysis in different industries.
  • Safety and security: These are the top necessities these days. As a student of ICT, you come to know about physical and e-safety of the systems, data safety in the networks, data safety on the internet, etc.

Other important parts of a typical ICT course curriculum are file management, use of the internet in communication, use of image tools, use of software tools for proofing, etc.

Do you now understand the vastness of ICT? We just discussed a fraction of it. Students need to invest long hours in understanding these lessons. In most of the occasions, they have to attend practical sessions for having a complete knowledge of each of the topics. Assignments on this subject can be on diverse topics. In any case, you have to be highly proficient on the assignment topic to complete your assignment efficiently.

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