In this ever changing and reshaping world it is not only the technology that is reshaping or evolving, it is the human resource management too that is agile and is changing with time and era. The way we hire, staff, develop , train , promote everything is undergoing a change. It is also said that Human Resource is “Agile Lite” which means all technology protocols may not be applied but some of its principles and theories are being put into practice. It is moving from the planning and rule based model to a simpler, free and participant feedback based model. The area of how performance management happens now has gone through a major change and soon other areas are catching up too. We can take an example of bank of Montreal wherein technology people were made to join the product development team to bring about the agile shift and make the bank more customers focused. The operations side understood the agile side of technology and similarly technology people learnt the customer side of the business. Get Talent Management Assignment Help from BookMyEssay.

Biggest Sphere Of Change In Talent Management Arena

The agile nature of HR has touched almost every aspect of organisation as well as employees , talking about talent management we can see its spread across.

Performance Feedback: The traditional times have witnessed the annual performance cycle with those annual meeting to tell how employees are doing on the goals that were decided as top o bottom approach. The way it happens now has evolved. The performance meeting and assessments on the evaluations are frequent and more scheduled as part of project reviews or monthly one to one to share an idea of how they are performing overall and what can be improved.

Coaching Model: The way employee are now coached and trained has also changed, you can see more of peer to peer assessment training models. Companies are designing videos for the busy managers that can be watched as and when or on the go. The open forums are built to give inputs of how it went, what are some of the areas that they need help with without the fear or hesitation. Some companies also prefer to keep performance discussions separate from development discussions and assign development calibrations to take about the training needs or project assignments for new skills.

Teams: Traditional HR was centred around how it was more about individual work, individual targets, individual performance etc. but now it is moving towards the team level which are assigned basis work or task or process or a project. The systems are evolving to adopt more of team goals, team project deadlines, team targets and within that they would know how each person contributed. This agile nature of talent management has given lot of importance to peer feedback to know how the other peer performs in response to team goals and how is each person acting.

Compensation System: Traditional systems would have seen more of annual salary increase but you will now see lot of companies moving towards incentive based model where everything is more than an annual increase . Some also create performance scorecard and evaluate the incentive or ratings and accordingly fix up bonuses besides the salary increase. There is also a trend of moving away from annual increase but a more frequent review and pay increases proportionally. Contact us at BookMyEssay to be able to seek detailed plagiarism free content on talent management assignment help site in Australia.

Resistance And Challenges Faced By Agile Approach

Certainly this approach of agile nature, change and innovative ways also has it’s own limitations in terms of its acceptance or feasibility of application. Not every organisation or process will be in so much willingness for the innovation besides some jobs are so rule based like that of a accountant or system operators etc. In such or similar cases an agile approach may not be applicable or even if applied it may face lot of resistance. It is going to make organisations change its process from linear waterfall model to more of flexible adaptive nature . For details on talent management assignment help contact us at BookMyEssay today.