Assignments are a regular part of academics and cannot be ignored. Assignments also carry a great weight of marks in final grades. Sometimes students try to complete assignments hurriedly, but what they forget or don’t know is that plagiarizing can land them in serious problems. Plagiarism is of various types and is now considered and treated as a serious academic offense. Universities have different software to identify plagiarized material, so getting away is no possible for students. It can even lead to debarment of the student from the university.

According to Turnitin, a well-known plagiarism examination software company, there are ten types of plagiarism that are common among students these days.

Plagiarism Types are:

1. Clone – It is one of the most common forms in which some other person’s work is submitted as one’s own by some other person. The whole text is copied from word to word as one’s own.

clone plagiarism

2. CTRL-C – In this, the particular content of a text is copied as it is without any modification. The source from which it has been taken is nowhere mentioned by the student or the scholar.


3. Find and Replace – This is when copying the crucial content/ meaning of the text but with changed sentences and words, may be replacing them with synonyms.


4. Recycle – It can loosely be explained as recycling one’s work. When someone copies his/her work, or present it again, then it is also considered as a form of plagiarism.


5. Mash up – It is when the content is taken from the various source and mixed to present as one’s work and that too without giving proper acknowledgements.


6. Hybrid – It is when content is copied from various texts/ sources where though citation is mentioned, but not properly.


7. 404 Error – In this the scholar gives a proper citation in his/ her work but to texts or sources that do not even exist.


8. Aggregator – It is when there is a proper citation to sources in work, but the work done by the student/ scholar contains no original work by him/ her.


9. Re-Tweet – In this type of plagiarism the student writes proper citation of the sources, but it bears a great resemblance to structure, words, and phrases of the original work.


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