MATLAB is an acronym for “matrix laboratory”. It is a numeric computing environment and proprietary multi-paradigm programming language. It was developed by Math Works. You can plot functions and data, implement algorithms, manipulate matrix and interface programs written in other languages. Professional academic writers BookMyEssay provide easy, affordable, plagiarism free MATLAB Assignment Help to students learning MATLAB.

The MATLAB was first released in 1987 though it came to scene or appeared first back in 1970’s, designed by Cleve Moller. Some of its file extensions a.m., p, mat, fig,. map, .mlx. Its website is The operating systems, it is compatible with is Windows, macros and Linux. MATLAB is written in C/C++.

Important Points of MATLAB

Variables: The variables in MATLAB are of three types, i.e. matrix, scalar and vector. The MATLAB assignment help experts at BookMyEssay demonstrate the variables in the following way:

Commands to Create Matrix: To create matrices, MATLAB uses several commands, like:

Creating Increasing/Decreasing Values of Matrix: The basic increasing and decreasing values of matrices can be created by:

Display Data in MATLAB: For completing assignments based on MATLAB, students should know the display mechanism of variable values. In order to display the data, each specific element, row and columns are analyzed separately. The assignment writing help given to the students by BookMyEssay includes all these details in the assignment.

Matrix Arithmetic and Functions

The MATLAB assignment help at BookMyEssay takes care of all the arithmetic functions while preparing the assignment. Matrix operations in MATLAB are available in this pattern :

Examples of ‘Matrix division’ operator

x = Ab, depicts the solution of Ax = B whereas,

x = b/A depicts the solution of xA = b

This makes the complicated calculations of the functions easy. Such as

Det(A) Calculate the determinant of A

inv(A) Calculate the inverse of A

rank(A) Calculate the rank of A

Graphical User Interface Programming

MATLAB has graph plotting features too. The function ‘plot’ can be used to produce graph with two vectors x and y. The code of graph is

x = 0 : pi/100 : 2*pi ;

y = sin (x) ;

plot (x,y)

This coding produces the graph for sine function. Experts at BookMyEssay, use graphical functions to provide MATLAB assignment help based on graphs.

Toolboxes in MATLAB


System identification Toolbox

Control system Toolbox

Optimization Toolbox

Neural network Toolbox

Spline Toolbox

Signal processing Toolbox

Robust control Toolbox

These are some of the toolboxes that are used to complete the assignment of MATLAB. Matrix computation, numerical analysis, designs and analysis of control system, linear system analysis are some functions that too are used in completing assignments of MATLAB.

Wrapping it up

MATLAB supports 3 dimensional graphs as well using different functions and a bit complicated coding. MATLAB also has graphical user interface (GUI) applications. User Interfaces can have developed using programs or by using visual design environment such as GUIDE and App designer.

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