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Unknown Facts about The History of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday of fasting, celebrated on every 4th Thursday of November. This holiday comes with the excited desire of enjoying delicious cuisines and spending quality time with near and dear ones.

  1. When was first Thanksgiving?

In 1621, Thanksgiving holiday was started in Massachusetts at the Plymouth Colony (a group of English pilgrims). It was celebrated by the colonists and Pokanoket tribe when they shared a meal with Native American neighbors.

  1. Foods served

Since earlier days till now, long list of dishes have been served during the celebration days of this holiday. You can enjoy Thanksgiving staple, lobster, cranberries, bass, oysters, and more.

  1. When and who declared it a national holiday?

Former President Abraham Lincoln declared that 4th Thursday of November would be celebrated as a national day of thanksgiving. An act of Congress announced it as an official national holiday in 1941.

  1. The name of turkey was formed randomly

Christopher Columbus named turkeys out of the confusion, not intentionally. He titled it after “tuka”, an Indian word for the peacock. This happened due to a confusion of considering America as India when he reached this country.

  1. Pardoned turkey

US President pardoned a turkey each year and sent it to a farm where it lives for remaining days. The tradition was started when a son of Lincoln begged him to create a presidential pardon for a bird served on the table. He said this bird also had the right to live like others. Hence, Lincoln got agreed and turkey lived.

  1. Many countries celebrate holidays similar to Thanksgiving

Apart from Americans, Canadians also celebrate Thanksgiving as auction de grace and this tradition was followed since 1578. The people feast on corn, turkey, and mashed potatoes on the 2nd Monday in October. Japan’s Niinamesai, Germany’s Erntedank fest, Norfolk Island, Grenada, Netherlands, and Liberia also enjoys Thanksgiving holiday.

  1. Modern-day TV dinner

Citizens thank this holiday to have meals like TV dinners. This is because a company repackaged the frozen meat after slicing for more selling of the birds.

  1. Informal favorite holiday for NFL games

The holiday becomes the unofficial favorite holiday for NFL games when Dallas Cowboys (since 1966) and Detroit Lions (1934) started playing it on the holiday time.

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