Java is one popular client-side scripting language that is used widely by the programmers for web application development. Java programming language has been evolving to be the best for almost decades now. There are endless numbers web framework, data access technologies, middleware and even protocols that are built using Java.

The programming language has gained popularity around the globe as this was specially designed to run on any platform. With all the digitization, the demand for expert Java programmers has been rapidly increasing. This is the reason why thousands of students get themselves enrolled in the Java programming. If you are also one of them then Java assignment help is all you need to complete academic assignment. Here is the blog for the new Java programmers with best hacks that can help them fix all kind of Java performance related problems.

As we all that that there can always be performance problems in Java-based applications. When these kind of problems occurs, it can significantly impact business. Java administrators and developers should make use of best practices to resolve all kind of problems. Let’s learn more about this.

Ways to Fix Java Performance Related Issues

Out-of-Memory Errors in JVM:- If you have been getting java.lang.OutOfMemory error then it is an indication that your application is trying to take more data to the memory especially when there is no space for it. Out-of-Memory is the error that denotes application failures that can’t be recovered by the application itself. This must be avoided at all costs. There can so many reason why this error occurs such as under-provisioned memory, programming error and boost in incoming traffic. In order to avoid this error you should continuously keep track growth patterns and memory space. You can use tools like eclipse memory analyzer to identify the unwanted objects.

Huge Collection of Garbage:- This is another reason why Java applications run into the problems. There is the process called garage collection that is mandatory for all kind of web applications. This helps in freeing up the space in memory. But at the same time the excessive use of this process can hog CPU which directly impacts the performance of the application. This issue can be dealt by tracking the time when complete GC process occurs. To better know the concepts, you can hire programming assignment writing help.

Thread Gridlock and Deadlocks:- Majority of Java web-based applications are multi-threaded as this helps with scalability. Although, this can even create troubles sometimes. When the various threads demand the access shared with resources of JVM, the use of lock ensures that shared resources access is offered to all the threads. This can create deadlocks as well as gridlocks. With the help of Java programming language it becomes easier for the developers to manage synchronization between the threads. This is why Java programmers should monitor the status of threads in the JVM. It helps in determining that everything is working well. You can take assignment writing tips to know more about this.

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