Earlier, it was believed that the best way of learning is classroom learning. It was believed that the learning done in the classroom is the most effective way of studying. However, due to the changing times and demanding circumstances, the ways of learning have started to shift to virtual teaching. This shift has been possible only because of the latest technology and e-learning. There are several online tutoring portals available and the touch of a button. Now the main question that stands is E-learning vs Classroom Learning. Though both of the types of learning are justified in their places and cannot be stated better than the other, there are ways to compare them which can help you understand which type of learning is more effective.

Major Aspects

One of the major aspects that affect the students learning is the attention they get from their teachers and professors. There are some generalizations that can differentiate the attention given by teachers in online and offline learning even though it is not possible to accurately tell which provides better attention. The average student-teacher ratio in a conventional classroom is about 25:1. Due to this, it leaves very little room for the teacher to provide individual attention. It is physically impossible for one person to listen to the doubts of 25 people in an hour or so. therefore, offline classroom learning focuses on group attention which could affect the individual doubts and clarifications. On the other hand, e-learning is powered by online tutoring portals which ensure you get individual attention for each student. Therefore, e-learning offers better attention to the students than offline learning.

Important For Better Understanding

 The quality of educators is very important for the better understanding of the students. Without the assistance of tutors and teachers, students cannot improve their grades and it becomes a heavy task for them to do it alone. It is known all around the world that the schools have only a few experts in their teams. They usually have only 5 experts per faculty. However, online tutoring has several experts on every subject who can provide the best assistance to you. The experts are experienced and know the in and out of their respective fields. Students also have the freedom to select their teacher as per their comfort in online learning as many experts know about the same topic. The experts also use Free Plagiarism Free Checker that helps you get original and fresh content

Another major impactful factor that needs to be included in this comparison is the flexibility and convenience provided by the forms of learning. The traditional learning which is in the classroom is usually inflexible and strict as the students are expected to be present physically and mentally in the classroom for almost 6 hours every day. There are times where students lose their mental concentration in the middle of the day. It is really difficult to go through the day. Online learning allows you to select the time slots at your convenience and this helps you to give all your concentration to your studies.

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