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Best Symbian Development Assignment Help

The use of Symbian was highly popular in older Samsung phones, Nokia phones, etc. However, it has been substituted by Android. Though the development of the Symbian operating system has become obsolete in May 2014, yet students wish to learn more and more about it. As a vital portion of their course, students are asked to complete assignments regularly.

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What is Meant by Symbian?

Symbian is recognized as a mobile OS (operating system) which is targeted at mobile phones which proposes a superior level of integration with PIM (personal information management) and communication functionality. The job of Symbian OS is combining wireless and middleware communications via an integrated mailbox plus the combination of PIM and Java functionality.

The best thing is the Symbian OS is ready for third-party development through independent software vendors, network operators, enterprise IT departments, and Symbian OS licensees.

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The Development of Symbian OS

Symbian OS started out as an operating system, which was recognized as EPOC. It was conceptualized during the 1980s by a company, known as Psion. However, in 1998, through a joint venture with telephone manufacturers, like Ericsson, Nokia, and Motorola, Psion turned into Symbian Ltd. and EPOC turned Symbian OS.

In the year 2008, Nokia attained Symbian and most of the Symbian OS’s source code got released under an open-source license. During this time, it was considered one of the biggest open-source code bases that were ever released.

Now, in 2014, developers aren’t getting successful in publishing novice Symbian applications; although the prevailing applications continue to be obtainable for download.

The Platform of Symbian OS

The OS platform of Symbian is formed of a couple of components; the user interface and the microkernel-based OS with its connected libraries. The user interface proposes the graphical shell atop the operating system.

The most noticeable user interface happened to be S60 (which was formerly known as Series 60) platform which was built by Nokia. It was initially released in the year 2002 and did power the majority of the Nokia Symbian phones.

UIQ happened to be a competing user interface which was usually used by Sony Ericsson and Motorola and it concentrated on pen-based devices in place of a contemporary keyboard interface.

Again, another interface which became popular was the MOAP platform from the carrier NTT DoCoMo. The applications of these various interfaces weren’t compatible with each other, in spite of their built atop Symbian Operating system. However, Nokia turned into the biggest shareholder of Symbian Ltd. in the year 2004 and it bought the whole company in the year 2008.


Meant for smartphones, Symbian has been designed to prosper in low-power battery-based devices and also on the ROM-based systems. The kernel of Symbian is recognized as EKA2 and it does feature preemptive multithreading besides full memory protection. This kernel contains a scheduler, device drivers, and memory management system.

An application for Symbian is usually written in C++ or Symbian C++. Nonetheless, applications that are written in Java ME, Python, Ruby, Flash Lite, and .NET can run too. After this, these applications can be installed on the device through the use of OTA, Bluetooth, memory card, or mobile to PC data cable connection.

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How Symbian is Different from Android?

The chief difference between Android and Symbian is Android is recognized as an open source operating system whereas Symbian is closed source as it hires some developers who develop the applications or ROM. In the case of Android, anyone can download the source code to submit to the developed apps. Again, in Android OS a person will come across huge varieties of ROMS which are obtainable but when you flash them, they will void your warranty.

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