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Android Assignment Help

Students learning Android operating system and its application often look for an updated assignment help for the assignment and homework writing on Android. Android is the most used, and the most dynamic OS for mobile devices. Working on its assignment is not an easy job, as various aspects of Android is still developing or upgrading. That is why; BookMyEssay has been providing extremely advanced Android assignment help for the benefits of the millions of students all over the world.

An Overview of Android

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. It is developed by Google, and meant for touchscreen smartphones, and tablets. The operating system is now also used in Android TV, Android wear for wrist watch, and Android auto for cars. With the passage of time the application of this extremely dynamic operating system is also spreading in other parts of the virtual world, including game consoles, and digital cameras.

Mobile device manufacturers largely depend on this OS for the operation of a wide array of devices manufactured by them, like smartphones, tablets, notepads, e-book readers, etc. A large number of smartphone manufacturers all over the world, including smartphone giants like Samsung, LG, and Sony use Android as the OS. Naturally demand for software professionals having intensive knowledge in Android based systems is quite high. Android OS based on Linux kernel and it works in direct manipulation with the user interface.

How Does Android Work?

Android OS uses Linux Kernel for all its basic functioning, like device drivers, memory management, process management, and networking. However, a developer will not be programming to this layer directly. The next level of Android contains the native libraries. Here, everything is written in C/C++ internally, but the applications are called through Java interfaces. In the 2nd layer, one can find the Surface Manager, the SQL database (SQLite), graphics in 2D and 3D, Media codecs, etc. The next level is the Android runtime, including the Dalvik Virtual Machine. Dalvik runs dex files, which are converted at compile time from standard class and jar files. At the same time, the core Java libraries are also the part of Android runtime.

Thus, Android developers have to work in a highly-sophisticated environment where they have no scope of trial and error. Students are also expected to show the same levels of professionalism while doing the assignments on Android, which is indeed a tough job for them.

How does Android App Assignment Help Work?

BookMyEssay has developed this professional Android app assignment help for the benefit of students and trainees, who have been learning Android application. BookMyEssay has employed professionals and experts, who have practical knowledge of working in Android environment. This academic assignment help service takes care of three fundamental aspects:

  • The writers prepare the content of the assignment as per the instruction
  • The writers keep focus on the deadlines, never fail to deliver the job with the deadlines

The supporting staffs develop the structure of the assignments, i.e. they take care of the representational aspects of the assignments.

Expertise of BookMyEssay Writers

Writers or experts experienced in this field help students to write assignments on all types of topics directly or indirectly related to Android OS. Some of these topics are the following ones:

SQL, DML & DDL Queries Setting up development environment, JAVA Concepts, OOPs Concepts, Inheritance, Exception handling, JVM & .jar file extension, Collections – HashTable, Vector, List, ArrayList, HashMap, Multi-threading Basic Building blocks – Activities, Services, Broadcast Receivers & Content providers, UI Components- Views & notifications, Components for communication -Intents & Intent Filters, Android API levels, Application Structure, AndroidManifest.xml, Dalvik Virtual Machine & .apk file extension, uses-permission & uses-sdk, Activity/services/receiver declarations, Resources &, Assets, Values – strings.xml, Layouts & Drawable Resources, Activities and Activity lifecycle , First sample Application, Text controls, Button Controls, Networking and security is an Android environment, Use of sensors, etc.

An Android assignment help writer has very updated knowledge on all the aspects of Android, he takes into account the latest developments in Android and write an assignment following the guidelines. Since, he has a vast professional knowledge, he knows how an application works in a real-world situation. Hence, he uses all devices, and features related to Android to make an assignment a “real one“.

Best Features of BookMyEssay

  • BookMyEssay provides 24/7 service through their student help-desk. This service is available for every international student.
  • Android assignment help is absolutely affordable for every student. Their payment mode is also very secured and flexible.
  • On demand, emergency assignment help is also provided, whereby, a student will get his or her assignment completed within a short deadline like within 10-12 hours’ deadline.
  • Writers ensure 100% plagiarism free original jobs.
  • Students also get free of cost review service.

The motto of BookMyEssay is to keep a student free of stress through the most efficient and professional Android app project help & assignment writing solutions.

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