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Online SolidWorks Assignment Help

SolidWorks is a software program which takes into consideration CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) while modeling solid surface designs. It runs on Windows operating system. SolidWorks was started in 1993 by an MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) graduate, Jon Hirschtick. He was formerly the member of the MIT Blackjack team. His main aim of building this SolidWorks software was to have a 3D modelling software which can run on Windows operating system, should be easy to use and affordable also. His imagination and creativity resulted in SolidWorks. Later, in 1997 SolidWorks was purchased by Dassault Systemes who is famous for its CATIA software. Jon stayed on board for the next 14 years. Engineering students usually work on SolidWorks as it operates on Windows. SolidWorks assignments usually contain several currently released versions including eDrawings which is a collaboration tool and DraftSight which is a 2D CAD product. Students can easily get online Solidworks assignment help from BookMyEssay experts at reliable cost.

The Significance of Solidworks Modeling Technology

SolidWorks is written on Parasolid-kernel which was developed by Shape Data Limited. Later, Parasolid-kernel was purchased by Siemens PLM software. SolidWorks is a great modeler which works on parametric feature-based approach to create different models and assemblies.

The modeling is explained as under:

  • Parameters: These refer to the constraints whose value determines the geometry or shape of the assembly or the model. These may be linear such as length of lines or diameters of circles or geometrical such as tangent, concentric, parallel, vertical or horizontal parameters.
  • Design: It refers to the changes and updates which the creator wants to include in his or her models. The flexibility of SolidWorks allows you to make any type of change you want.
  • Features: These are the building blocks of the software which allows shapes and operations to the model. These features may be 2D or 3D.

How Solidworks is Different From Autocad And Catia?

SolidWorks is a computer program which used CAD and CAE for creating 3D CAD, visualization, product data management, rendering purposes, simulation etc. On the other hand, AUTOCAD is a drafting software application which is developed and marketed by Autodesk. It works in both 2D and 3D application and is used in construction, architecture, and manufacturing. It also assists in making blueprints along with other engineering plans. The professional users of AutoCAD are called drafters. CATIA is different from SolidWorks as it is majorly used for surface modeling like in automobiles and aircraft industries and not 3D modeling.

What are The New Characteristics in Solidworks 2017?

It is the latest version of SolidWorks which is bundled with new, customer-focused enhancements. It has easy-to-use tools which have the capability to turn your ideas into reality and high-quality products. Following are the new features of SolidWorks 2017:

  • 3D Interconnect: It opens 3D CAD data directly into SolidWorks. It retains its association with the original file. It has CATIA and NX integrated with it.
  • Improved Large Assembly Performance: It has New Asset Publisher, Ground Mates and Magnetic Mates as speed equipment layouts.
  • More powerful modeling tools: It has New Advanced Hole Wizard which creates or reuses customized holes. Its Wrap Feature is now available for any surface.
  • Rendering and Animations get a boost through Visualize feature: This feature is called “Visualize Boost”. It has made rendering at blazing fast speeds.

Why Students Hesitate In Writing Solidworks Assignments by Own?

The mastery of SolidWorks really needs solid work. It takes patience and practice to know every aspect of SolidWorks. Many students take admission in computer engineering courses only to find tough and complex syllabus. When they realize the complexity of the situation, it is too late for them to opt out. So, in order to save their precious time and money in writing SolidWorks assignments, they take professional SolidWorks assignment writing help from the professionals. This ensures their good grades and passing out honorably without any failure.  Some other students who may be intelligent but do not pay attention to the lectures also find it quite difficult to write their homework and assignment. Many international students work part-time in order to support their studies and cost of living also seek professional assignment writing service on SolidWorks. BookMyEssay is there to help all these students without any second thinking and provide SolidWorks assignment help.

What Help Can BookMyEssay Provide to Students?

Many assignment helpers are available in the market. Students get confused while choosing them. Proven track record of world-class assignments is available with only a few. BookMyEssay is one of these professional service providers which provide quality assignments at very affordable prices. SolidWorks assignments help, requested by the engineering and computer architecture students, is at its best from our writers. The writers are experts in SolidWorks modeling. They have ample experience in working with SolidWorks Platform. So they find no difficulty in writing high-quality SolidWorks assignments.

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