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CATIA stands for Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application. It was released in 1977 by Dassault Systemes. The concept of developing CATIA was to design Dassault Mirage fighter jet. Initially, CATIA had an interface of the CAD but during years it has evolved and now it incorporates CAD, CAM and CAE. CAD allows 2D as well 3D designs of machine parts as well as other products. CAM means Computer Aided Manufacture which allows 3D designing of manufacturing processes. CAE means Computer Aided Engineering. It is analyzing software for verification of 3D models. Students of Computer Graphics courses used CATIA extensively for their CATIA assignments and to finish such assignments successfully, you can get CATIA assignment help.

Significance of CATIA

Currently, the version of CATIA is 6, better known as CATIA V6. Other versions like V5 and V4 are also used in collaboration. All versions are great in terms of usage, appearance, and performance. The designing process evolved and developed during the advancement of the versions from V4 to V5. On the other hand, the handling of the data changed from the versions V5 to V6. Updates are also released by Dassault Systemes. These updates contain bug fixing and additional applications included in the version.

For large companies, it is very difficult to handle a large amount of data which can be of employees, customers, vendors, creditors, debtors, financers, distributors and many more. The data handling can usually be done by PLM or Product Lifecycle Management. PLM is best incorporated in CATIA V5 along with other software packages like ENOVIA or SMARTREAM. The newer version V6 has ENOVIA already integrated with it. The main reasons why these software packages are integrated are the security control issues and prevention of data losses.

Another significant advantage of CATIA is that the functions of CATIA are broken down to cut down the cost on users. Any user does not require all the functions available in CATIA. So according to the requirement of the user, each function has its own cost. The user pays for the required functions and not for all the functions thus making CATIA affordable to all the users. Students can get CATIA CAD assignment writing help from our CAITA CAD assignment providers who have more than 10+ years of experience in this academic writing field.

Scope of Application of CATIA

CATIA is often referred to as a software suite for 3D PLM or Product Lifecycle Management. It supports multiple stages of product development which include conceptualization, design, engineering and manufacturing. CATIA also facilitates collaborative engineering across many disciplines like surface and shape design, electrical, fluid and electronic designs, system engineering and mechanical engineering. For fluid and HVAC systems, it is very useful in documentation, production and manufacturing.

The CATIA software can be used in various disciplines as stated under:

  • Mechanical Engineering: CATIA has enabled the creation of 3D parts from 2D images or sketches. It can also take help from composites, sheetmetal, molded, forged or tooling parts. It provides tools for product definition including kinematic definition and functional tolerances.
  • Design Industry: CATIA helps validate complex innovate shapes from industrial designing to Class-A surfacing with assistance from ICEM surfacing technologies. It supports multiple stages of designing of the product.
  • System Engineering: CATIA offers unique open and extensible systems for integrating cross-discipline modeling, verification, simulation and business process support. It enables the organizations to make requests for modification or updating of the products.
  • Electrical Systems: CATIA v5 version offers the formulation of designing and manufacturing electrical systems including HVAC systems.

The various industries which employ CATIA software are Aerospace industry, automotive industry, Shipbuilding industry, Industrial equipment providers, High-tech companies, Energy processes and utilities, consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail and Architecture.

Why Students Find It Difficult to Write CATIA Assignments?

Students of CATIA course find the CATIA homework and assignments quite difficult. They either lack the knowledge and information about CATIA or do not have interest in writing assignments at all. Some other students who have taken part-time jobs to support their studies and other expenses are likely to take professional CATIA assignment help in writing their CATIA assignments. Some students work hard but due to lack of proper understanding of the concepts, they cannot write their assignments themselves. On the other hand, some students do not have proper writing skills. This also forces them to take coursework assignment writing help.

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