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A Linux distribution which is often abbreviated as distro is an operating system made from a software collection, which is based on the Linux kernel and, most often, a package management system. Linux users obtain their operating system by downloading one of the Linux distributions, which are available for a wide variety of systems ranging from embedded devices. If it sounded as complicated as it seems, think about the time which you might go through when you are given a assignment on a much mainstream Linux kernel like Slackware.

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What is Slackware Linux?

Let’s see what Slackware Linux is before divulging on more information about your Slackware Linux homework help online.

Slackware is basically a Linux distribution which was developed by Patrick Volkerding in the year 1993. Originally developed for the Softlanding Linux System, it has become the pillar for many different Linux distributions, most definitively the initial versions of SUSE Linux, and is, till date, the oldest distribution that is still operational.

Slackware goes for design sturdiness and its simple framework and become be the most easy to use Linux distribution. It has made as little modifications as required for software packages from upstream and tried not to use cases or preclude user decisions.

In contrast to other technologically advanced Linux distributions, Slackware has no graphical installation procedure and no in built dependency on other software packages. It makes use of plain text files and only small shell scripts for its configuration and administration. Without other modifications it easily boots into command-line interface software. Because of its many conservative and simplistic features, Slackware is often used as it is the most suitable for the advanced and technically minded Linux users.

Basic Developmental Model Processes for Slackware Linux

There is no formal tracking system and official procedure to be a contributor or developer. This project also does not maintain a public code repository. While bug reports and contributions are essential to any project, are managed in an informal way. All the final decisions about what’s going to be included in the next Slackware release strictly remains with Slackware’s creator, Patrick Volkerding.

The initial Slackware was developed by Patrick Volkerding alone. Starting with the version 4.0, the official Slackware announce files listed David Cantrell and Logan Johnson as part of the developer team. Later advanced versions, till the release of version 8.1, included Chris Lumens .Lumens, Johnson and Cantrell were also the developers of the first edition of “Slackware Linux Essentials” which was the official guide to Slackware Linux. The Slackware website till date has mentioned Chris Lumens and David Cantrell as Slackware Alumni who worked full-time on the Slackware project for decades.

Furthermore, there are no official repositories for the various Slackware versions. The official packages that Slackware provides are provided for users on the installation media. However, there are different third-party repositories for Slackware; some are standalone repositories and others are for distributions that are Slackware-based but retain package compatibility with Slackware.

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