The cold breezes, the whiteness of snow, smell of fruit cakes and decoration we know it is the time of year again when we welcome joy and happiness with open arms and melodious carols. Yes, the Christmas is here and as usual, it is not alone but brought the New Year with itself. We are sure that the majority of you have already started shopping for gifts, putting out lighting outside your home, and making cookies and preparing a list of tasty dishes.

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Christmas a Festival of Joy and Happiness

25 December- The day has been marked as Christmas, one of the biggest festivals around the globe. Millions of people celebrate this day as the birthday of the Christ the savior of humanity. The Christmas is not just a festival we celebrate by exchanging gifts and eating feasts. It is the time to feel the infinite love of God and remember the lessons Jesus has taught as we prepare ourselves to enjoy the glorious Christmas night.

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The History of Christmas

The Christmas is celebrated by Christians as they believe that Jesus Christ was born on this date. There are several theories about the birth of Jesus some of them are true while others are just words of mouth. The precise date of birth has not been documented which means the date is questioned. You can hire History assignment help to gain further knowledge about this topic.

The real meaning of the word Christmas is the mass of Christ. Although the date of birth is not known 25 December universally accepted as the Christmas day. There is a philosophy behind the Christmas as many believe that Jewish Festivals of Lights is celebrated on 25 December that why Christmas is also celebrated on the same day.

Christmas Story

The origin behind the birth of Christ can be found in 4000 years back where such a story about Mary and Joseph According to the story Mary was a girl from Nazareth, Israel who was set to marry Joseph a Jewish carpenter. After the engagement with the Joseph, an angel visited Mary to inform that she has been chosen to carry the son of God and he was to be named Jesus. So, by miracle, Mary got pregnant with a child. However, when Joseph found about the truth, he got angry and upset but soon an angel visited Joseph in his dream to verify whatever Mary has told him was true. Hence, Joseph accepted Mary as his wife.

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