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The topic of Richfaces particularly seems alluring to students as it has been designed for integrating with JSF and due to this; students can develop user interface easily. Additionally, it does enhance other spheres of JSF2 which comprises performance tuning, usability, skinning, component development, and dynamic resources, hence, users can take full advantage of the productivity improvements of JSF 2.

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Unique Features of RichFaces

  • JSF Integration – RichFaces is viewed as a progressive UI component framework and it can easily integrate Ajax capacities into JavaServer Faces application.
  • Error Handling – RichFaces permits a standard handler to be defined meant for processing various application exceptions. Though JavaScript is proposed default, yet you can perform custom JavaScript in case of exceptions.
  • Resource Loading – It proposes a usual JSF resource handling for accomplishing resource mapping, resource optimization, and resource dependencies of CSS and JavaScript.
  • Processing Management – RichFaces proposes components which manage the processing of requests, information, and updates.
  • Skinability – Skinability comprises a generalized and small set of colour and font parameters which can be implemented to various styles.
  • CDK or Component Development Kit – The CDK is highly useful in speeding up the components’ development of RichFaces. This averts a lot of similar configuration elements.
  • Ajax components – The library of RichFaces supplies Ajax Action Components and you can use that for sending Ajax requests from the side of the client.

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Prerequisites of RichFaces

  • Application Server – WildFly, Apache Tomcat plus Mojarra 2.X, and JBoss EAP 6.
  • Java – JDK 1.6 or above than this.
  • Third Party Libraries – guava.jar, javax.faces.jar, sac.jar, cssparser.jar.
  • RichFaces Library – richfaces-a4j.jar, richfaces-core.jar, richfaces-rich.jar.
  • Development Environment – Maven, JBoss Developer Studio, Netbeans or some other IDE.

Benefits of RichFaces

  • Delivers rich user interface components library.
  • Permits creating custom components with in-built Ajax support.
  • Produce binary resources on the fly, such as sound at the time of run time and generating image.
  • CDK for assisting in the construction of JavaServer Faces components.
  • Skinning technology.
  • Component grounded Ajax control components
  • Dynamic Resource Framework.

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The Configuration of RichFaces

For the configuration process, you can make use of NetBeans IDE, and you have to download RichFaces libraries from its official website. When you wish to develop a working RichFaces allowed JavaServer Faces application then you have to be mindful about the following steps:

  • Open the site of JBoss and download RichFaces library from there. You will find that it comprises different sub-folders and jar files.
  • After this, you have to generate a library in the NetBean IDE the way it has been mentioned in the screenshot for integration for the JavaServer Faces project.
  • Provide a name for the library.
  • Include the downloaded JARs in this library.

The Architecture of RichFaces

The RichFaces architecture comprises Ajax action components, an Ajax filter, a JavaScript engine, and Ajax containers.

  • Ajax action components – AjaxCommandLink, AjaxCommandButton, AjaxSupport, and AjaxPoll along with various other action components are useful in sending Ajax requests from the side of the client.
  • Ajax filter – For getting all the benefits of RichFaces, developers needs to register a filter in the application’s web.xml. This filter does identify several request types.
  • JavaScript Engine – The JavaScript engine of the RichFaces runs on the client side. This updates various spheres on a JSF page grounded on the Ajax Response’s information. The JavaScript engine proposes an API so that developers don’t require creating their JavaScript functionality.
  • Ajax containers – It is an interface that describes a zone on a JSF page which ought to be decoded at the time of an Ajax request.

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