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JavaScript Assignment Help Online

JavaScript is a programming language of the high-level that is dynamic, object-oriented, interpreted, and the untyped programming interface that is used for developing the real web pages. Most of the websites use the JavaScript codes and utilize them as plugins for enabling the web browsers. It is also used for the mobile application and the game development along with the Node.js.

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An Overview of JavaScript

JavaScript is a scripting language that has made possible for the web authors in designing an interactive site. Though it shares the designs of the structures and functions of the Java-language it has been developed in an independent manner. It may be connected to the HTML source code that allows the web authors in maximizing their websites together with the dynamic content. The two web browsers Microsoft and Netscape support it and the Internet Explorer supports its subset, which is known as JScript by Microsoft.

JavaScript is one of the most popular scripting languages regarding the web, additionally to the functions in the many primary browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, and Safari.

  • This language has been formed for incorporating the interactivity of the HTML pages.
  • It is a light-weight scripting language
  • It is embedded into the HTML pages directly.
  • It is an integrated language

Functions Performed by JavaScript

  • It provides the creative designers of HTML a programming device. The writers of HTML are not the developers though it is a scripting language together with a simple syntax.
  • It can both read and write the HTML components. It can read and also change the content of the HTML elements.
  • It can be used to verify data. It is used to validate the data before submitting to the server. This frees the serves from additional processing.
  • It can create cookies. It can store and retrieve the information on the computer.
  • Java and JavaScript are not the same. They are two different languages regarding both design and idea.
  • Java is produced by the Sun Microsystems. It is a complicated programming language just like C and C++.

Importance of JavaScript

  • It allows the interaction of the users with the clients, manages the browser, promotes asynchronous communication, and change the content of the document shown on the screen.
  • It is used in the networking programs, which is helpful in developing the mobile and the desktop applications.
  • It is used in the nonweb-generated environments like PDF documents, desktop, etc.
  • It is implemented traditionally in integrated language for the client-server.

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