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Best Oracle Java EE Assignment Help

The Java Platform, Java EE (Enterprise Edition) is considered an accumulation of Java API’s possessed by Oracle which software developers can use for writing server-side applications. Earlier, Java EE was recognized as Enterprise Edition, Java 2 Platform or J2EE. Students who take an interest in this topic take up its study. During their course, when they are asked to complete assignments, take assistance from the experts of BookMyEssay for getting superior quality Oracle Java EE assignment help. Students believe in our work from the bottom of their heart. They believe that we would put our most sincere efforts and always develop 100% plagiarism free work.

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Getting Familiar with Oracle Java EE

Originally, Sun Microsystems and IBM designed Java EE for simplifying application development in one thin-client-tiered environment. The job of Java EE is simplifying application development and it lessens the requirement of programming by developing reusable and standardized modular constituents and by allowing the tier to handle several features of programming mechanically. Our experts of Oracle Java EE assessment help keep updated knowledge in all these aspects of Java EE. So, you can contact them at any time for expert assistance.

Java EE apps are hosted on application servers, like Oracle’s GlassFish, IBM’s WebSphere or Red Hat’s WildFly server which either run in the cloud or inside a corporate data center. The applications of Java EE get hosted on the server side and the instances of Java EE clients comprise an IoT (internet of things) device, RESTful web service, smartphone, WebSocket, standard web-based application, and even micro-services running in one Docker container.

The Core Technologies of Java EE

There are above 30 Java API’s that are comprised as Java EE core technologies. The Java EE core technologies fall into the file categories like:

  • HTTP client technologies –To deal with HTTP-based clients, Java EE comprises the Java API meant for WebSocket programming, which is an API for JSON Processing, Servlet APIs, the JSF, and the JSTL (Java Standard Tag Library).
  • REST and web service technologies – For assisting with the development as well as the deployment of REST-, XML-, and SOAP-, the Java APIs for RESTful Web Services and XML-based web services are comprised besides the APIs for XML registries and XML messaging.
  • Database and resource access technologies – To have an interaction with back-end and external systems, Java EE comprises JavaMail which is a common connector architecture, Java Transaction API or JTA, and a Java Message Service or JMS API to enforce two-phase commits.
  • Java EE security as well as container management – To implement custom Java EE security, software developers have got access to the Java Authentication Service Provider Interface meant for Containers.

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