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Oracle Data Guard Assignment Help Service

An introduction to Oracle Data Guard

Oracle Data Guard offers data protection, high availability, and data recovery for enterprise data. Data guard gives comprehensive services that maintain, create, monitor, and manage one or more than one standby databases to allow production of Oracle databases for the survival of data corruptions and disasters. BookMyEssay is the right place if you are looking for Oracle Data Guard assignment help. It maintains standby databases to transact consistent copies of a production database.

If a production database is not available due to a planned or unplanned outrage, it can switch the standby database to a production role, reducing the downtime linked with the outage. Data Guard is used with restoration, traditional backup, and cluster techniques for providing a higher level of data availability and data protection. The assignment providers of BookMyEssay are holders of Ph.D. degree and have obtained their academic credentials from reputable universities all over the world. They are very well-acquainted with the university rules and regulations. Many IT professionals, software engineers, and web developers who are working in leading companies are associated with us. All of our experts have several years of industry expertise. All the factors make us provide you with the best Oracle Data Guard case study help.

Oracle Data Guard- An Overview

Writing assignments in IT field are going to be a challenging task for you. You need in-depth knowledge including knowledge in its various applications. Our experts associated with Oracle Data Guard assignment writing help can provide professional support that you may avail any time.

Oracle Data Guard consists of a production database and one or two standby databases. The databases in Data Guard configuration are usually connected by Oracle Net and they can be dispersed geographically. There are not any restrictions on the location of the databases if they are able to communicate with one another. For instance, you may have a standby database with the production database together with two standby databases at remote locations. You can manage primary as well as standby databases using an SQL command-line interface or a Data Guard broker interface including graphical user interface and a command-line interface.

  • Primary Database : A Data Guard configuration has one production database, known as the primary database that functions in a primary role. This database is accessed by many of the applications. This database can be either an Oracle Real Application Cluster or a single-instance Oracle database.
  • Standby Database : A standby database is a consistent copy of a primary database. By using the backup copy of a primary interface, you will be able to create thirty standby databases and then incorporate them in Data Guard configuration. Once you create it, Data Guard maintains every standby database automatically by transferring redo data from a primary database. Just like a primary database, standby database may be either a single-instance database or an Oracle RAC database.

The standby databases are of the following kinds:

  • Physical standby database – It offers a physically identical copy of a primary database. The database schema such as the indexes are the same. A physical standby database may receive and apply redo when it is open.
  • Logical standby database – It has the same logical information just like the production database through the structure and physical organization of the data are different. A logical standby database is synchronized along with the primary database via SQL.
  • Snapshot standby database – It is a completely updatable standby database. Just like a logical or physical standby database, it archives and receives redo data from the primary database.

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