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Oracle BRM Assignment Help

Definition of BRM

Going by the simple definition, BRM is regarded as a comprehensive and full fledge tool which is deployed to ensure complete revenue management system is empowered to be used by communications and media service providers. Oracle BRM assignment help learn the way to create and build their business in line with specifications and requirements of BRM. Precisely put, it aids in cost-effective management of the entire revenue life cycle:

The oracle BRM is a revenue generation tool which has enabled the businesses to deliver services at a specific and affordable pricing to their customers. Embedded within the BRM are complex service plans which can be altered so as to be in line with the dynamic changing market conditions. It is a popular customer management tools which has helped many businesses to continue revenue generations which can be obtained from all the existing customer base and promote a positive and proactive relationship. Student seeking Oracle BRM homework and assignment help have a knack of learning about the basis as well as advanced concepts and working of this tool.

The overall functioning and use of BRM revenue capture is directed to manage service usage by exercising supreme level of control and assisting in improved responsiveness. Oracle BRM comes instilled with the option of network authorization, authentication, and accounting. It favors and supports the process of revenue collection by managing the invoice and bill customers, outlining the process of payment collection, managing accounts receivable (A/R), along with collecting the general ledger (G/L) data.

Defining the Scope and Lifecycle of Oracle BRM

Talking specifically about the BRM revenue analysis, companies have been able to audit processes so as to keep a check on revenue leakage, devise business intelligence reports, and safeguard for data consistency and all around availability. By way of gathering revenue analysis data, users have been able to adjust their service plans so as to grab the scenario of optimum revenue generation.

Oracle BRM revenue management life cycle is decomposed in the following steps and phases. Let’s take a look at this:

  • Setting Up Services: This is the first within the entire lifecycle wherein users have to set up the entire range of services. For this, they have to deeply optional components for data capture namely Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) Manager and Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) Manager.
  • Setting the Price List: next stage is for the users to design a price list setting charge of each service along each listed item.
  • Customer Registration: This is the third step wherein customers are registered. This is done by giving them calls and accessing a suitable Web page. In this process, a client has to signs up for one or additional services which can be availed via internet access and email. Oracle BRM database saves the complete customer account data, like numbers, billing information, or logins.
  • Managing Customers: Next phase is to manage customer account information with the help of customer management tools such as account information updation or share the web pages with customers so that they can auto manage their individual accounts
  • Authorizing Customer Logins: For services wherein use is important to be mapped and kept a note of, BRM uses customer data which accessible from the BRM database. This is done to quickly know as well as verify customer’s identity so that they come up as clear users of the service.
  • Rating Service Usage: Next phase deals with the rating of service wherein the charge is added to customer’s account balance.
  • Collecting Payments: Oracle BRM also enables the customer to get billed at equal intervals as per their respective choices. This way their accounts are deducted from their debit/credit cards directly and due invoices are sent to their Ids.
  • Collection of Usage and Activity Data: Clients have the option of using data that is fed within the BRM database in the activity of reporting on various facets of a business. With the growing business, they can add pricing along with following apt process of provisioning support which aids the new service to grow expand.

Oracle BRM case study assignment help offered to students also emphasize on some other aspects such as BRM system architecture which features Client applications like Billing Care and PDC. Additionally, the Oracle BRM Server includes Connection Managers (CMs), Data Managers (DMs) among others.

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