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HP QuickTest Professional Assignment Help Service

An introduction to HP QuickTest Professional HPQTP

HPE Unified Functional Testing or UFT software which was formerly recognized as HP QuickTest Professional QTP proposes functional and regression test automation meant for software applications. HPE UFT can be utilized for enterprise quality assurance. Students who study about HP QuickTest Professional are habitually asked to complete assignments and students who wish to get an expert HP QuickTest Professional assignment help service, look forward to the assistance of the writers of BookMyEssay. We have appointed highly experienced and talented professionals and they have Masters and Ph.D. degrees and this is why; they can provide skilled assignment help with excessive ease. When students take HP QuickTest Professional assignment paper writing help from us, they can keep botheration at bay because we provide custom writing services that students are unlikely to get from other assignment writing service providers. Additionally, we are highly dedicated and we do not rest until and unless our students’ work has been entirely completed.

Getting known to HP QTP in Detail

QTP is the abbreviation of Quick Test Professional and it is a product of HP (Hewlett Packard). This tool aids the testers in performing an automated functional testing flawlessly minus any monitoring when the script development gets done. HP QTP makes use of VBScript or Visual Basic Scripting to automate the applications. The Scripting Engine doesn’t require to be installed exclusively because it is obtainable as a portion of the Windows Operating System. The present version of VBScript is 5.8 and it is obtainable as a portion of Windows 7. However, VBScript isn’t an object-oriented language; instead,it is an object-based language. Because of the promising aspects of this topic, students wish to learn about it and so, they take it as their subject and so, when they come across issues of completing assignments, take our HP QuickTest Professional case study assignment writing help.


  • Creating automated tests by making use of VBScript doesn’t need a highly skilled coder as it is comparatively easy in comparison to various other object-oriented programming languages.
  • It can be readily integrated with Test Management Tool that enables easy monitoring and scheduling.
  • Easy to use, results validation, ease of navigation, and report generation.
  • Can be used for Mobile Application Testing.
  • As it is a product of HP, so, full support is proposed by HP and through its forums to address technical issues.

Testing Tools

Tools from the software testing context are defined as products that support one or more than one test activity from planning, needs, developing a build, defect logging, test execution, and test analysis.

You can classify tools grounded on many parameters that include:

  • The need for the tool
  • The type or level of testing that it supports
  • The activities which are supported in the tool
  • The sort of licensing, i.e., freeware, commercial, or open source
  • The technology which is used

Kinds of Tools

  • Test Management Tool – Test Management Tools are used for scheduling, test managing, tracking, analysis, and defect logging. These tools are used by the testers.
  • Configuration Management Tool – This tool is used for implementation, tracking changes, and execution. This tool is useful for all the team members.
  • Static Analysis Tools – These tools are used for static testing, and it is used by all the developers.
  • Test Data Preparation Tools – These tools are useful for test data generation, and analysis and design, and they are helpful for testers.
  • Test Execution Tools –These tools are used for execution and implementation and are used by testers.
  • Test Comparators – These tools are used for comparing expected and real results and they are used by all the team members.
  • Coverage Measurement Tools – These tools propose structural coverage and developers use them.
  • Performance Testing Tools – These tools are used to monitor the performance as well as response time which are being tested by testers.
  • Project planning and Tracking Tools – These tools are highly useful for planning and they are used by project managers.
  • Incident Management Tools – These tools are used for managing the tests and testers use them.

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