Sometimes, it becomes very late for submissions of your assignments due to various reasons no matter how you try to submit it fast. As a student, you have many things to catch up with the syllabus in academics and also in some extracurricular activities to improve your extra skills. Well, during the time of submissions, it is very natural for anyone to hang on to their favorite subject for more than enough time because everything in our favorite subject is interesting. Due to this, many times there’s no time for the completion of the other subject completion of assignments which eventually causes late submissions. Of course, late submissions can cause you low grades but giving a genuine reason for this can help a little bit.

So, when you write an Excuse Letter make sure you follow the pattern of formal letter writing as there are many students out there who don’t care about this and write the reason directly. Formal letter writing is a must in writing a letter to the university.

How to Write Formal Letter:

It’s simple to write a formal letter because there are only a few steps that you need to follow and give a genuine answer for your late submissions.

Your Information: On the top right corner of the page, write your name, address, and date. Make sure that you write the name of the month and not the number and while writing the year that is going on, make sure you write it fully. For example 20th July 2021. This section of personal information can be at the left or write according to the writing style that your country follows so make sure what style does your country follows.

Who You Address This Letter?; Right after your information, write about the person like who do you address this letter and the address. Make sure you write your name on the first line and address on the second line.

Subject: Mention the reason for your late submissions.

Write the Reason: Main body here there are three paragraphs. In the first paragraph give your introduction and mention that you will submit your assignment fast.

In the second paragraph, write the reason for your late submission. Make sure you give a genuine reason

The third paragraph gives the assurance that you will give the assignments as soon as possible to mention that you expect a positive response from them.

Mention Thank You and Your Sincerity and Sign

 If you were not able to give assignments at a time for medical reasons, then you can attach medical certificates for your absence. If you can attach proves then attach it to back up your excuse so that chances of getting your scores/grades low will be lesser than before. Remember to give genuine reasons while many universities cross-check the reason if it is too late for the student or many times, they don’t look for the reason. You talk to your class teacher in this case and explain the situation as this can make things easier for you because class-teachers usually help their class students get good grades by talking to other professors as well.

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