The term “Growth Mindset” was actually coined by Carol Dweck almost 30 years ago. It is a state of mind when the students inculcate into their mind that they can grow smarter and better in every aspect of learning. It can actually make them sharper and help them to have greater control over their activities. A growth mindset approach in the classroom is immensely helpful for the students to learn smartly and more productively.

The best ways to apply growth mindset in the classroom

A growth mindset can be attained by following the guidelines recommended here. In the schools, the students spend their most of the productive time, so it is always feasible to use the growth mindset. Here are the 8 best ways to use growth mindset:

  • Positive attitude towards everything: Positive attitude towards life is the foremost necessity for a growth mindset. Learn to adjust to adverse condition and learn to understand the positive mindset towards life. In a positive mind students, can accept the failure sportingly and learn the from faults for the necessary improvement in future.
  • Accept challenges: Students who can accept the challenges definitely grow in career. These students also achieve many milestones in their life that can’t be possible for the others. The accepting challenge also makes a student fearless and overcome common barriers.
  • Never say the word “failed” use “learned” instead: It is an extension of a positive attitude towards life. Failure is a part and parcel of life. A student will fail on many occasions but that doesn’t mean he or she will not grow. In a growth mindset, every failure is a lesson for a student when he or she learns something.
  • Compete with yourself: Students should instill the mindset that they need to compete with themselves rather than with the fellow students. Success comes to those who are always in verse for higher achievement crossing what they have already achieved.
  • Try alternative method of learning: Studying books or attending regular lectures are not sufficient. A student with a growth mindset should follow other innovative processes of learning. It will make them a better and faster learner. It will also make learning more interesting.
  • Learn to accept criticism: It is another important aspect of a growth mindset. Teachers, professors, lecturers, and trainers will give feedback at different situations like in assignments, examinations, class tastes, etc. Feedback is normal. A student with a positive mindset will always take criticism sportingly.
  • Learning from other’s mistake: It is an important part of a growth A student should learn from the mistakes of other students and people surrounding him or her. It is the smartest way of learning. It is never possible to commit mistake every time and learn from that mistake.
  • Making new goals and learn from them: In a growth mindset the short-term goals to go on changing. As a student achieves a goal, he or she should set another goal and thrive for it immediately.

Setting a growth mindset is not a tough job. A little bit of practice and willingness to grow in life can keep a student target oriented and mentally strong while pursuing a course.

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