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Online Eucalyptus Cloud Assignment Help

Eucalyptus is expanded as Elastic Utility Computing Architecture for Linking Your Programs To Useful Systems. It is regarded as a platform which is open source software and is employed to implement Infrastructure which is graded as a Service (IaaS). The is implemented within a hybrid or private cloud computing environment. This existing cloud platform brings together all the current virtualized infrastructure which further enables development of cloud resources that can be used within an infrastructure as a network/ service or storage which is used as a service. Students seeking Eucalyptus Cloud assignment help get to learn about different attributes and aspects of this cloud computing platform.

A Sneak Peek into the History of Eucalyptus Cloud

Dating back to the history, Eucalyptus was perceived as a research project which was firstly undertaken by the Computer Science Department based at University of California. From there it derived its status of being for-profit business in the year 2009 which was then named as Eucalyptus Systems. In March 2012 when it got announced, Eucalyptus Systems declared a formal agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which facilitated administrators with free movement of instances amongst Eucalyptus private cloud and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). This provided the required freedom to develop a hybrid cloud. This collaboration between Eucalyptus and Amazon’s product teams is studied in detail on various topics covered in assignment writing service on Eucalyptus Cloud. All in all, it proved useful and fruitful in developing exclusive features that are AWS-compatible.

Studying the Key Features Sported by Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus Cloud homework and assignment help dives deep into this high-end platform which is equipped with a range of features. It sports the following as its common attributes:

  • It renders support to Linux as well as Windows Virtual Machines (VMs)
  • It sports compatibility with API – Application Program Interface and Amazon EC2 platform
  • This enables easy installation and deployment from DEB or source code and RPM packages
  • It is extremely compatible with AWS and S3 (Simple Storage Service)
  • With its use, users have multiple hypervisors which is inclusive of Xen, VMware, and KVM.
  • It sports internal processes communications which are secured via SOAP and WS-Security.
  • It has administrative features that are inclusive of user and group management & reports.
  • It sports multiple clusters which is virtualized as a single cloud.

Sporting the New Features as in Eucalyptus 4.0

Eucalyptus Cloud is studded with a range of features that are outlined below:

  • Edge Networking: With this feature, it facilitates permits simpler and easy deployment of Eucalyptus which is integrated within the current enterprise network topologies. It also aims at limiting the bottlenecks by fluctuating network traffic directly to where applications that is running, which gets channelized through a central Linux server
  • Eucalyptus Management Console: It is expanded which is comprised of Cloud Account Administration. It helps in creating and managing groups, users, quotas and policies.
  • Scalable Object Storage: It is highly extensible and scalable service that aims at offering S3 functionality which is deployed on-premise. It provides the users with the flexibility to select from third-party storage solutions which are S3-compatible. Cloud administrators also aim at installing AWS-compatible user-facing services which are employed that is teamed up with active/active configuration that meets the demands of large-scale cloud.
  • Primary support delivered for AWS CloudFormation: It is a high-end service that is designed which provides easy manner to develop and manage a huge collection of linked resources that is featured in the cloud.

What are the Components of Eucalyptus?

Eucalyptus Cloud case study assignment help is equipped with several components that are outlined below:

  • Cluster Controller (CC) – Cluster Controller aims at managing one or more than one Node controller. It is responsible for deploying and dealing with instances. It deals with Cloud Controller and Node Controller.
  • Cloud Controller (CLC) Cloud Controller: It is sported as front end for entire ecosystem. It also aims at offering a web services interface which is Amazon EC2/S3 compliant on a single side. It further sets in communication with remaining components that are sported in Eucalyptus infrastructure which is features on other side.

Apart from these, other components include Node Controller (NC), Walrus Storage Controller (WS3), Storage Controller (SC) among others.

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